Monday, July 23, 2012

Finally Knitting Garments

I've finished a cardigan! My secret is top-down, knit in the round and therefore no sewing up, I foresee many more of this type of construction in my future :)

The pattern is by Sarah Hatton from Rowan Studio 24 and is called Stevie, I used Sublime Soya Cotton DK and it took 12 x 50gm balls. I think there's an error in row 40 so do check the Rowan website for errata if you're making one for yourself.

I also made a little top-down cardie with 7 skeins of Louisa Harding Willow Tweed recently - this is a lovely yarn, sadly discontinued now so going top-down meant I could use every inch of the skeins I had. Top-down raglan cardies follow a set method so it's easy to improvise a design using the basic formula.

My other big project recently has been a blanket by Kate Davies, I'll blog about that tomorrow as I need to get some decent photos to do it justice.

In other news my student finance is sorted out for September and my 'homework' arrived in the post today! Lots of reading to do, about how to teach reading...this is going to be a challenge and great fun too I hope. I shall need to find myself some study space so I can concentrate, I'm not sure I absorb new things as easily as I used to - teaching phonics ... hmmm... maybe I'll learn how to spell well after all this time of being hopeless.

Now I need to figure out how to study and knit at the same time :) the recent buzz of finished projects means I have cast on for a new caridgan straight away, I am going to need smarter clothes for teaching practice, this one os top-down too of course but Aran weight to make it knit up quicker - in theory anyway.