Sunday, July 30, 2006

DB lace & bobble and happy hloidays

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I found out how to get knitting time - go on holiday! This is where I'm at on the DB Lace & Bobble cardi pattern here. I need to add the ribbing, but I didn't take my Denises with me so couldn't change needle to start the rib. Very pleased with how it is coming along and no further problems with the pattern, yet :o) So I plan to start the rib tonight.

Row by row due for Ted very soon, I had intended to get this done before I went away but didn't *rolls eyes* so I must start soon. Ted is using Thimbleberries fabrics and likes sew a row patterns so that's where I start :o)

I took the kids ( 3 teenagers and 1 age 3) to the cottage near Longframlington, Northumberland. This used to be a farm workers cottage on a lovely quiet farm where they 'bring on' cattle, so apart from the gentle lowing [and the noise we all made (!)] it was lovely and quiet. No traffic noise and as we live on a main road that is the major attraction for me.

It would have been green too - it was last year - but because of our heat wave (it officially got hot enough this far north too this week!) it was all looking a bit scorched! Anyway, still lots of green trees and the heat wave broke yesturday (according to the weather man) and we had some rain.

All home safely but I am missing the knitting time already :o)

Knitted this
at Alnwick Castle whilst the kids jousted! As you can see I didn't get much done but that counts as my knitting in public for this week :o)

Little one had a great time in the water garden getting completely soaked - I had a change of clothes ready! read more about Alnwick Castle and garden here and here.

we also went to heatherslaw light railway and had a good time.

Back to reality and squeezing the craft time in around everything else - ah well, until next year...

Friday, July 21, 2006


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Here it is, ah that's better. I feel as if my posts are not complete without a photo :o)

This is how the butterfly sits on the block

sorry it is so blurred, scanner still jammed by crayon *rolls eyes* but camera reclaimed - he'd put it away in it's case so I didn't see it although I was looking straight at it!

This block and Dreamer's other one are now on their way, Geminista coming to a letterbox near you soon :o)

Digital cameras scanners and wax crayons!

Hello all, I have finished the first front of the DB cardi, I am well on the way to finishing the second side and then I will be onto the back and as the sleeves are knitted in with the fronts I shall be 'nearly finished' well trying to be optimistic. I'm not looking forward to the ribbing but we'll cross that hurdle when we reach it.

Meanwhile I have also finished a gorgeous wonderful beautiful butterfly motif for the CQRR. I can say this without fear of contradiction because I can't find the digi camera (kids!) and the scanner isn't working since it was forced to swallow the wax crayon by the 3 yr old (kids!) so I am unable to post a piccie. Grrr! Very frustrating. However I will not let the butterfly out of my hot little hand until I have captured it's brilliance (it's going to be something of a disappointment now isn't it?) for posterity. I really wanted to post today too as we are off on hols for a week tomorrow VBG but the best laid plans and all that.

Maybe more later with piccie when teenage DD returns (kids!)

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Debbie Bliss Lace & Bobble Cardi - progress

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Doing ok on this one, but have to concentrate on the pattern, Tiredness caused lots of frogging tlast night, but here's the story so far. :o)

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


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More camera shake but good enough to see that she's coming along nicely! I have ordered some more beads LOL only down side is that the scarf is seriously curly when hanging otn rather than flattened out to take a photo so i am hopeing that blocking will sortthis out.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

bertie is growing!

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Here's that scarf I am making to use up the Debbie Bliss Pure Silk. Bertie by Bronte of Confessions of a graveyard Gypsy is a knitalong (blog here).

So far so good. One small mistake :o) didn't read the instructions properly so missed off the garterstitch border along the bottom. Additionally I only have 200 beads not the 250 recommended. I will knit until the beads run out and then see how long that makes the scarf. It doesn't take long to get the beads from Beads Direct but I may add a fringe to disguise the edging error along the bottom.

I am enjoying the beads and the pattern is easy to learn and the errors are quickly spotted in the next couple of rows so the tinking isn't too bad. Without the beads the repetition of the lace would get a bit monotonous I think but the beads add another variable to keep me awake.

Colour of the photo isn't accurate - the yarn is lilac and the beads are silver. Pure Silk is lovely and soft. I am using bamboo needles and not finding it too slippy, only complaint is that it splits a little if I go too fast but on the whole nice yarn which shows the stitch definition wonderfully. Might be a problem in a larger garment with lots of stocking stitch as my knitting is not always very even but for something like this it is fine. :o)

i am a little further than half way through the first ball - those beads are disappearing fast. Think i should order some more? Fingers crossed they breed over night and i find there are plenty in the morning :o)

Friday, July 07, 2006

Debbie Bliss cardi

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Hello! Had a lovely surprise today when I went to cross the christmas deccie off my do to list and discovered the deadline was 20th July and not 10th as I thought. So instead of being late (again!) I am early - feeling very virtuous so I've had a sewing day off and done some of the deamon knitting instead. Mastered the sleeve increases wit the help of the forum knitalong and some king lady who worked out the spacing for me - not clear in the DB pattern :o(

Coming along nicely - just another gazillion pattern repeats to do :o)

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

from Lyn

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I have been beavering away on the DB cardi but spent a large part of today tinking yesturdays work - I managed to loose a stitch in the pattern pannel somewhere - 1 yo too few! Fixed now but also found I couldn't do the increase row as a pattern row with the way I had counted the rows so had to add a purl row first. Guess my trusty piece of paper wasn't so trusty *rolls eyes* I am so glad i am doing this project as part of a knitalong as I think i would have big problems understanding the pattern without help.

For example, it says "mark side edge of last row with a coloured thread". Fine! But ... which is the side edge, the side with the sleeve on - i.e. the outside , or the side with the button band on. Ok, so the button band would be the centre of the cardi right? So it must mean the other side. But, if this is the left front is that the left as you look at it when someone else is wearing it, or is it the left when you are wearing it yourself? You see, not clear, written for hard of understanding knitters, instructions! So I marked both sides and hope all will become clear once the sleeve cast ons are knitted.

Some kind forum members of the knitalong have also worked out the spacing between the pattern panel is 7 stitches for the size I am doing (36-38) otherwise who knows what might have happened when I got to that bit as the pattern doesnot make the spacing clear.

Meanwhile back at the non-knitting front I have made some decorations for Lyn, *waves to Lyn* who sent me these in a recent Christmas in Jult swap. Aren't they pretty? Will reveal mine later when Lyn has received them.

Tomorrow the pictures for the cqrr of the next blocks I need to work on. And probably more knitting.

Saturday, July 01, 2006


Do you remember the lilac Debbie Bliss Pure Silk skeins in my stash picture?

Well, I have found the perfect project.

I belong to an excellent knitting forum .

One of the other members entered a competition in one of the UK hand knitting mags and was one of the winners. Her design, Bertie was in this months issue of Simply Knitting and we are having a knitalong. I have ordered my beads and I will be ready to go when they arrive. Why not join us? Instructions for joining the knitalong are on the website (click on the knitalong link). Bronte's blog can be found here. There is a free download for her pattern on the blog.

I have never knitted with beads before so this will be somethig a bit different. Should I thread or hook? :o) This scarf will be for me to keep :o)

PS the swatch turned out to be the right size (18 x 26 - near as damn it) once it was washed and blocked so I started the DB Lace & Bobble cardi. Pattern repeats being differnt numbers to the row repeats and increases, is a little confusing so i am knitting with trusty pen and scarp of paper at my side.

Just thought, it probably wont be long until I loose that scrap of paper! VBG