Tuesday, December 26, 2006

What did K get for Cjristmas?

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I'll give you one guess... yep


I think it might have been dinosaurs :o)

Meanwhile, back to the knitting, and These are the wrist warmers I made in a black acrylic (washes well) for my niece, Immi.


They were adapted from the pattern at knitty. The Voodoo pattern was changed slightly by knitting together 2p over the thumb hole 3 times so that the new pattern would read k2 p1 k2 p1 k2 and then return to a normal k2 p2 rib for the rest of the hand. I also made them a little longer here so that they go up the fingers further. DD likes them and wants some too, so they must be ok :o)

Very hard to photograph black and especially when all your models are in bed. Haven't heard whether the recipient liked them but the shawl went down well. Grandma says her mother had a bed jacket just like it which she still has but is too shabby to wear so she was very pleased with a new one. I was pleased with this little bit of family history and the idea of bed jackets in general :o)

Saturday, December 16, 2006

george & nancy

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Despite all indications to the contrary it is never my intension to give you blurred photographs. It's just a natural talent I have *rolls eyes* must do better for 2007 VBG

This is the scarf I have made for George (DH's 'Uncle') it is a mock cable and knitted in a chunky yarn. This was a big change from the lace knitting I have been doing (and dreaming of ding) for the last little while and the 4 ply scarf I knitted last. My fingers protested after a while so I had to stop and stretch them several times and one evening put it away altogether mindful that if I continued I might be in pain the next day. But prudence paid dividends.

The yarn was given to me by Nancy (George's other half) and also a dear friend who made me very welcome when I first moved here 5 years ago. Can it really be that long? Time flies.

So for Nancy I am half way though making a pair of socks


These are a tube sock which I hope will be easy to put on as Nancy has arthritis in all her joints :o( They are again in yarn donated by her and in a DK heathery shade which I have photographed poorly (again!) The bok is one of my christmas presents to myself. The pattern is in it, yes it is much more than a sweater book VBG 2 x 2 rib for cuff then 4 x 4 twisted rib without any shaping down to the toe decrease. This in contrast to the scarf was an easy knit and grew very quickly and I have yet to make the twin, I estimate 2 evenings work to finish that. Then we will pop round to share our seasonal good wishes.

Whilst on the topic of good wishes you could do worse than visit Stephanie's web site . Make a donation to MSF and spread a little of our good will a little further.

I have been blessed with a very good year, I really hope I will be able to tell you much more in the early new year, for now, think positive things for me on January 5th please. I don't like to open my Christmas presents before Christmas, it's not auspicious. (sp?)

Meanwhile I am sewing agin and enjoying every minute. But I still need more hours or faster fingers!

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Sock yarn jumper

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Another jumper for littlest one, in Opal Rainforest Flamingo (4 ply sock yarn) pattern is from the Patons 'A Proncess Tale' book. Unblocked because she had to put it on NOW which was very gratifying :o)

On a sadder note, the bag o' bones cat is no more, he has gone to a windowsill somehwere far away, yep, he kicked the bucket , etc. Fill in Monty Python lines are you see fit a la dead parrot sketch. I feel relieved i don't have to decide whether he has to go now or not. He had one bad wobbly day, laid down on his cushion at the end of that day, went to sleep and never woke up. poor puss, a fighter. The vet said it was a minor miracle he made it for s long as he did becuase when they did his blood test he was 'bad' and that was a month or more ago. Never complained and was purring on DD's lap up until that evening despite feeling so unwell. We had a little funeral in a copice near our house, on the sunny side of the valley. RIP old puss cat, I still look for you when I put the food down.