Sunday, June 05, 2011

Sock on a hill

Friday was a glorious day and we went to Simonside parking the car at Tosson Tower. Anyone wanting to expolore the area is spoilt for choice with some beautiful cottages available to rent as holiday bases.

Our walk takes us past an ancient hill fort for those who like to explore earth works :)

We're heading for Simonside itself - that's 1 1/4 miles straight up!
Worth the walk even though it was a little too hot for comfort. On this occasion rather than head for the top we rounded the main hill and headed for a cave where we stopped for lunch.

I stayed at the cave for some quiet knitting :) DH and DD2 headed off to see Selby's Cove. I'm outside the cave on the hillside behind Katy's hat as she examines the cotton grass :)
DD2 was impressed!
Her favourite things of the day were all the dead trees,

and the many creatures living inside them!

As the shadows lengthen it's time to head down again back into the trees.

Of course there were many sheep with lambs and many rabbits too :)

Heading homeward and leaving the views behind.

Through the kissing gate.

Back to the tower
and finally the journey home, tired and happy.

And then there was knitting

Often my spinning produces yarn that goes happily into my yarn stash but gets no further. I have however, decided to turn over a new leaf so I knit those singles (see previous post) straight away and made a Revontuli shawl. This pattern has been in my queue on Ravelry for ages but I never seemed to have the 'right' yarn, the Shetland singles were just right!

I'm very pleased with how this one turned out so I imagine there will be more. Happy with how the singles knit up and spurred on to try more I thought I'd get some preparation in for the Tour de Fleece spinning to come next month. For the duration of the Tour de France bike race we'll be spinning every day and I've decided to try art yarns so I made some thick and thin singles in Finn dyed in Acadia colourway by Amy at Spunky Eclectic.

If you'd like to join the Spinning a Yarn, Tour de Fleece Team and spin with us then post over on the Ravelry group - the more the merrier :)