Thursday, August 31, 2006

Black Purl LL

Black Purl LL
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The Clapotis is begun! In Lorna's Lace Black Purl which is gorgeous in the flesh. Surprised to find it has green in though. Just wound the ball so far VBG but small steps.

DD's jumper is coming on, front done, back nearly there, shoulders will be 3 needle cast off. then pick up for the arms and knit short sleeves. Some kind of finish to the neck edge? Don't know yet, may crochet, possibly.

Someone asked about the pattern, it's called double moss stitch, any good directory of stitches will have it in. Once I am finally finished I will write up the pattern for DD's Top including the instructions for double moss stitch, watch this space but don't hold your breath.

Other news, can't get into the craft forum :o( but will try again tomorrow, need to update info about cqrr. My last parcel has now arrived but was opened by customs. Gulp! Hope they like spiders LOL

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Finally some cq!

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At last I have made the time to do some cq on the round robin blocks that were here when I got back off holiday. The blocks are much brighter in real life - these photos were taken under artificial light.


I wonder if there any sewers with small children about who get to sew during daylight? ;o) Anyway, I added a couple of shisha mirrors and a bead trail. The 'mirrors' are in fact recycled CDs LOL.

and, on an unrelated and completely personal point, have you tried these mooncups ? I am a convert :o)

Oh dear

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So I thought I could design knitwear eh? Well, maybe not


However, having decided that the rib section was a BAD idea, I have frogged and reknitted and just divided for the front and back a second time. I will not be beaten.

I have adistinct feeling DD wont wear it when it is done so I had better stick to my diet so I can get in it, because after all this knitting *note to self do not do whole jumper in double moss stitch EVER again* someone is beeping well going to wear the beeping thing :o( VBG

Friday, August 18, 2006


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and last but not least . Bertie. hy can't I get going on this? Is it because the yarn is curling so, is it because it is for me so no deadline? Either way, all I have managed to do in recent weeks is to thread with beads and start the second ball and that's about your lot! Shame, the silk is so lovely to touch and I really should get this finished. Maybe it's beacuase I have so many other knitting WIP not to mention the CQ RR and the row by row and my huge pile of quilt UFOs, please don't mention them ;o)

posh lace

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A simple lace pattern for my first go.

Well, first go apart from the aborted shawl (don't ask!)

but lace is hard!

It's hard because you have to concentrate on where you are in the pattern and it's easy to lose your place. Thank goodness for post it notes and how did our great grandmother's manage with gas and candle light? a good light is essential especially as it's impossible to do this with a 3 yr old under your feet so it's an after K's bedtime project which means tired eyes before i even begin.

Starting at the point seemed a great idea at first as the pattern was growing really quickly wich is good for the confidence, but after only 4 repeats the rows are taking a L-O-N-G time now and I am wondering how large this project will manage to get before i cast off and pretend it was a dolls shawl all along VBG

double moss sttich

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I even did a tension square (wonders will never cease0 for the designing of DD's jumper so i could work out how many stitches etc. Also unbelievably remembered to knit the tensionsquare in the round LOL


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close up of the lace pattern from Posh Yarn's Lace club free pattern

m's jumper

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Now this is a bit more interesting, remember I said I wanted to try and 'design' a jumper for M (DD) knitted in the round - no sewing up? Wel, this is where i am at so far, takes a long time to go round that many stitches but should speed up once i divide for the front and back, I hope.

angel socks 2

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Not much progress here then?

k's cardi

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lots of knitting, not much finishing *rolls eyes*

Monday, August 14, 2006

Jomasblock1 CQRR

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Here is the latest embroidery in the cq roundrobin. This is the first time I have tried a spider and her web so I am pleased with how it came out.
The feather stitch foliage is worked in 4 shdes of stranded embroidary floss, 2 threads and the web is in rajmahal thread so it glints in the light, lovely threads but boy I am nervous of unravelling them. I need to get a new set of storage boxes and bobbins and spend an evening unravelling and winding them onto the bobbins. Maybe a winter's evening when I have nothing else to do? Yeah, right!

Meanwhile on the knitting front I am progressing with M's top. I have knitted a swatch in my chosen pattern to work out gague and used those figures to work out how many stitches to cast on for M's size. Maths bit done I am now knitting, *play interval music* I'll get back to you with progress once I have made some :o) I have already modified the bottom and I am knitting in the round so it is taking forever to do a row. It will get quicker once I divide for the front & back, I hope :o)

Also did a little of little one's ss cardi in the variegated sock wool last night.

Niece (16), who has been staying for a couple of weeks, is clicking away on a stocking stitch scarf which she is taking home with her. Click clack :o)

Feeling like embroidering again which is good as the next two legs of the CQRR are here so I need to post off the spider and get to the next one asap. Off to choose some threads.

Very nice lady from Jane's Attic. telephoned a few night ago. She had had a parcel returned by the post office as it was damaged and she was going through all hher orders for rajmahal silks to find out who they belonged to as there was no name or address on the damaged packaging. I received a part order for the complete set about 6 or 7 weeks ago and have been meaning to telephone and see what happened to the rest of the order ever since. Since getting the knittingbug again I have to confess my focus has been elsehwere and with the building work going on in the house I have been at 6s and 7s anyway, but ...Luckily she is more organised than me and it has bothered her that she didn't know whose silks they were and no one had rung (oops!) to ask where their order was. I was the third person she had rung that evening as she tried to find the missing owner. It's a good job there are honest and trust worthy people in this world and I have found many of them in conection to sewing and knitting, Here's another one, Thank you :o) The rest of my order arrived withing a couple of days of the call and I am back to my stitching. Yummy threads :o)

Friday, August 11, 2006

new beginings

I bought some lovely purple cotton DK to make something for DD - her fav colour is purple. See it here number 31. But we couldn't agree on a pattern that I had enough yarn for and that she liked! The ones she liked were not DK or they were too much yarn. I have 500g so short or sleeveless I think.

So I was thinking ... do you think I could design a top myself?

I only ask because I was browsing a new knitting stitch dictionary (not buying yarn, see) and there was the pattern fron The DB lace & bobble cardi!

I thought DB had made this pattern up but apparently there's nothing new under the sun.

So if I choose a stitch pattern, work out my tension, measure DD, decide on fit and sleeves and edging and neckline then I should be able to do it, right? I really liked knitting the DB, it was a bit more of a challenge, and I am finding the ss on the cardi for DD2 I just started a real bore, so maybe i can do something a little more difficult. The interest is in the variegated yarn, Opal rainforest parrot. Pattern here, yarn here.

I could do it in the round to avoid sideseams. If I made square shoulders I could pick up the stitches and knit down the sleeves so only shoulder seams and I could do a three needle cast off for them :o) I will use the design pages and hints in the debbie stoller book to help me. You see I have been thinking about this and ... I have his idea :o)

OK. Off to be a knitwear designer and if it turns out ok you can all share my pattern ;o)

Thursday, August 10, 2006


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Not much knitting today, overdue row called and I finally finished Ted's Row. The fabrics and patterns are Thimbleberries and i will get round to making a quilt with these for myself, one day :o)

Saturday, August 05, 2006

DB Lace & Bobble finished - yipee!

ETA thank you for the nice suportive comments :o) Does anyone know why my side bar stuff isn't at the top of the page?

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Here it is modeled by my DD - slimmer than me :o) and the back
Lovely, needs blocking, but I couldn't wait :o)

And on me ... well I need to loose weight *sigh!* but here it is

very annoyingly I think you can see on the back where I sewed in a couple of ends.

Secondly the pattern for the front corners completely escaped me so I improvised -guess this makes this an original and there wont be any others like it - i.e. wrong! VBG never mind my adaptation worked, the corner was turned.

So what next?

Row to finish for the row by row swap, cq blocks to work on and pass on in the RR. Then - clapotis OR lace, dither, dither.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Posh Yarn Lace Club

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Look what I got! Discovered on the AY forum today that club members got a variety of yarns rather than all getting the same one. This has made for a lovely 'show and tell' as we showed out treasure to each other.

Yummy! Details of Seraphina on the Posh Yarn website. and all about the lace club here. We also got a free pattern for the yarn to make the lovely shawl on the lace club page. I am not sure if this is available to non-club members, as I can't find it on thewebsite so I will check with Dee and post a link once I have her go ahead to do so :o)

So I need to hurry up and finish DB's lace & bobble cardi so can get started on a shawl, again. i will use a lifeline this time so I don't loose it all when i make a mistake *rolls eyes, in an i've been there done that kind of way*. I still have Bertie to finish, a pair of socks I started on holiday barely begun, and, the Colinette cardi to finish - if I ever summon the enthusiasm to get it out of the plastic bag after all this time!

I was wondering, should I have a knitting blog and a non-knitting blog? Or shall I continue with this as it is? What do you think?

I have also joined the Yarn Angels Club at Angel Yarns. So 'clubs are me' at the moment! This 10% discount has already encouraged me to spend more :o) well, need to get my tenner's worth LOL.

Knitting - none
Sewing - none
Shopping - Lots!

But also sold some yarn I will never use but it is way too good to bin, on the forum tonight so feeling quite holy. New yarn comes in one door as other yarn goes and out the next. a Yarn-go-round? Stash-a-bye?

PS Northumberland has LOTS of castles, I'm sure we could spare a few, any you fancy in particular :o)

PPS BD cardi now has rib on back and one sleeve, getting there, getting there.