Monday, March 31, 2008

Hambley's Hand Painted Yarns

Remember this post

if you are the indie dyer who left a comment yesterday, please leave me a message with some contact details as a search on Ravelry and Esty didn't give me any hits for your yarn and I would like to buy more and sing it's praises to others as it has washed really well and still gets positive comments. Baby has out grown the hat and mitts now and I'd love to make her a BSJ in your yarn, always happy to support local dyers :)

Thursday, March 27, 2008

A Piece of Pi? or, it took a while but it's finally cooked (groan)


Did you ever wonder what happens if you can't wet block?

I decided, reluctantly, to knit this shawl in acrylic (argh!) The recipient is unknown to me and I do not know if she will have the time, energy or enthusiasm to pin out her baby's shawl every time she washes it. I like to think it will be used not put in a blanket box and never see the light of day. I do not know if she has any knowledge of natural fibres and if she might bung this in the machine and, were it to be merino or alpaca or some such, if she would then take out a soggy felted mass at the end of the wash and be consumed with guilt and regret at spoiling Aunty Nancy's present. I do know that sometimes it is good to be practical :) I did look at superwash merinos and I pondered on their durability, but, the blocking issue still reared it's ugly head, and as the photograph above shows the unblocked Pi can be a little wrinkled and somewhat small.


I can see that it is still a pretty thing even with it's wrinkles however I do not want the unknown recipient to be disappointed in her gift from Aunty Nancy and the acrylic option is not only machine washable and not only can it be dried in the tumble drier, both of which are very good attributes when items for small children are concerned. Not only these, dear reader, but it can also be ironed.


When it is ironed it not only lies a little flatter (I probably could have got it completely smooth, but more of that later) but it also grows. Same sofa, bigger Pi. How do you multiply Pi, why you iron it of course :)

Now ironing is not my strong suit. Have I told you the nursery and DD1 anecdote? I will some time, if you haven't heard it before. It involves DD1 finding the perfect way to let all nursery staff know that Mummy doesn't do ironing! Anyway, I crossed my fingers during washing. It says it can on the label, but do we believe the label? I double crossed them during tumble drying. It says it can on the label, but do we believe the label? I held my breath and double, double treble crossed everything during ironing. You see, I cannot iron, I do not iron. I have visions of melted plastic stuck to the bottom of an iron. When my little sister was born and my Mum was in hospital my Dad, being the helpful chap he is, decided he would do the ironing and he ironed a pair of my Mum's tights. I rest my case! Anyway, back to the shawl.


You have no idea how much I regretted the acrylic decision during ironing.


I really wanted to wet block and even out the steps at the end of each round.


I really wanted to pin out those points and make them super pointy.


I missed making the backs of my legs and knees ache, and my arms cry by crawling on the floor on all fours, stretching and pinning and measuring and repinning.


But in the end I think it was OK to do it like this :)
I am quite pleased with my Pi.


I think it turned out alright. I think Nancy will find it a good enough gift for her first great grandchild. I think the unknown recipient will find it easy enough to care for. I am sure she will be better at ironing than I am!


And I really like the border!

Pattern Elizabeth Zimmerman's Pi Shawl
Yarn Sirdar Snuggly 4 ply, 5 x 50g balls, white, Nylon/Acrylic mix (shudders!)
Needles KnitPicks Options 3.5mm
Blocked (sic) size 46" in diameter.

I did either the increase or YO k2tog round every 6 rounds from the centre out until I had 9 YO rounds, then knit straight ss until the next increase. K 40 rows, add 3 more Yo k2tog rounds and then add Godmother's Lace border. I really like the gs border it is easy to memorise and adds a plain but pleasing effect to the edge.

Hmmmm, I enjoyed that.
Now I can get back to the Garden Party.

ETA DH said "you can get one of those for £4.99" and my reply, "No you can't I made it up as I went along and it's the only one like that in the whole world",... even if it is acrylic! :)

Friday, March 21, 2008

popping in

just stopping by to wave hello :)

still busy with the Pi but I'm on the final section, knitting on the border.

just went to knitspot to download Anne Hanson's latest shawl pattern, yum!

Garden Party is in hibernation whilst I finish the Pi but it's loking wonderful, can't wait to get back to it.

can't believe it is the first day of Spring, threatening snow outside and a cold northerly wind cuts you like a knife if you venture outside. Perfect excuse to stay in and knit :)

Thursday, March 13, 2008

I did do some knitting :o)

Whilst I haven't blogged much I do have an excuse ... RAVELRY! The Posh Yarn group is knitting the Garden Party shawl and I have been busy chatting er... I mean knitting :o) I did manage to start the right side although I felt like I was knitting it back to front and upside down and kept checking that it was the right side right side iykwim but it's going fine and all housework other WIP and children will not be abandoned whilst I knit this obsessively for the progress rush that a shawl with lots of parts gives me.

Anyone else joining the party? You can find us here

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

ooooh goodies!

Sorry, I've been busy, not sure what at... strange that how tha days drift or fly past and you don't seem to have achieved much but you haven't had a minute to yourself. Sigh! However the goodies above were a lovely boost, thank you to Michaela :o)

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Spinning eta photo

Spinning? Yes, spinning, well nearly. This isn't a 'real' post just popping in to give you a wonderful link that Natalie from Yarn Yard directed me to. I ordered some pencil roving from her so I can finally get round to using the wheel I bought. Anyway, that's a different story LOL here's the link wonderfully clear.