Thursday, January 31, 2008

I AM still here, honest

It's due to this blanket that I am hooked on squares, such an easy take along project. I've been doing a lot of hanging about waiting over the past week and, with this in my bag, I've been happy to have the time to knit, even if it is sat sitting in the car rather than at home on the sofa.

Unfortunately I am running out of Flamingo so if anyone has a ball lurking in their stash i'd love to buy it off you or swap for something else in my stash maybe? Help! Oh and i know my mitres aren't doing that lining upcreating a pattern hingy but I am trying to end up with no ends to darn in, lazy, moi? Yeh, well, needs must when the devil drives and my devil is lack of knitting time, that's my excuse :o)

My 'at home' project is the cardi for HipKnit's Project Club and here I am behind *blushes* unfortunately this means that the club members are waiting for me to finish before they get their pattern. As the design is an original by Kerrie there is no photo for the pattern until i finish, and I am nearly there, ladies, and knitting as fast as I can. The test knit also confirms yarn ammounts and pattern instructions so I really do think it is better to wait so I can only grovel and say I am very very sorry.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Where does the time go?

Gratuitous eyecandy to cheer me up.

Hope the postman has these in his bag in the morning I need the colour in my life.

So much crammed into this past week that I thought it was a fortnight since I last posted. I am quite relieved to see that it is only a week.

I have finished writing up the pattern for my project for Yarn Forward and posted the sample and pattern off this morning. Sadly, I don't trust the post so I sent it Special Delivery to try and make sure it arrived safely. If only I lived closer I'd have delivered it by hand.

I wish I could show you a preview but I don't want to spoil the surprise. I am also writing an article for the same issue which is nearly finished. It's at the 'is it finished yet?' stage. Tweaking will continue for the remainder of the weekend and then Dee gets to edit my spelling (and probably lots more besides).

Two purchases from Dee this week to look forward to. I do hope the post isn't as bad as I fear and they arrive tomorrow, tiredness leaves me feeling a little below par. That and the time of year, the vagaries of the benefit and tax system and the weather all combine to make me feel Blah! Thank goodness for knitting, but as usual, not enough time.

Oliver's blanket has me addicted to squares, stuck for a take along project for the foster carer's support group this week i quickly cast on for another square. BT has inspired me to make a Pi that I can take along and use for mindless knitting, boy do I need this at the moment.

Writing in this frame of mind is an uphill struggle, but there have been more bright spot than blues today so maybe tomorrow will be another better day. Here's hoping. Anyway, today's big good thing is that Annette is back! Yay!

Friday, January 11, 2008

bluemoon fibre arts

bluemoon 001
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The madness continues!

ordered this before Christmas so it isn't really breaking the stashalong ~(yeah, that's right, just keep telling yourself that). Over a month in transit but worth the wait.

It is going to be this here

I want to cast on now but I must finish the fair isle cardi for Kerrie's project club first and then a family member has asked me to knit a baby shawl for her grandson whose wife is expecting their first baby,. She has left the pattern choice to me so any suggestions? Two stipulations, 4 ply and white.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008


fish090108 115
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Well, as expected, I began the year with firm intentions to stashalong until The Great Hoard was somewhat under control. According to Ravelry I have over 44km of yarn and, baby, it aint all on there yet! The true figure may be nearer 80, gulp!

So, I was fully intending not to buy any more. I had it all planned.

I would radically cull the stash by strictly assessing the likelihood of ever using each lot, and selling (to a good knitting-loving home) those I know I will never use. You know, there is stuff I know I will never use. Much of it inherited, but in jumper quantities which makes me keep it 'just in case'

But I was slow, too slow.

Others had the same idea and they, being more organised than I, began to list their items for sale on forums. I valiantly resisted Dee's temptations (by avoiding the sale altogether). But now I had the temptation of other people's stash to contend with, and, it is sadly true, I was weak.

I could not resist.

fish090108 117

But you see, dear reader, it was a bargain.

I was helpless, I succumbed.

*whispers* Isn't it gorgeous? G o r g e o u s! I give in.