Saturday, June 14, 2008

handdyed handspun 1

handdyed handspun 1
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Lovely Romney fleece washed and handspun then dyed with 'Easy Dyes'

handdyed handspun 4

2 skeins of BFL handspun, grey

handdyed handspun 3


handdyed handspun 2

and BFL roving. The grey BFL was dyed in the dyebath left after dying the Romney - I think i was a bit over generous with my powders :). The Roving was the byebath from after the berries with the remainder of my dyes added. Not sure how best to dye the roving as it's a bit 'flat' now but I'll spin it tomorrow and see how I get on with drafting it.

Had a lovely afternoon (cooked in the microwave - the yarn not the afternoon!) and far prefer the acid dyes to the kool aid experiments earlier in the year. Just need to get a few more colours now LOL I think you can see which side of the colour wheel I favour here.

Intersesting aside here as I used a bit of merino/tencel to finish plying I had been experimenting with to ply with the BFL and they took the dye differently so I ended up with this nice accident

handdyed handspun 5
you can see that the BFL/BFL strands are solid colours but the BFL/merino-tencel are barber pole as the different yarns took up the dye differently.


mrspao said...

Those are beautiful colours and beautifully spun.

suzanne said...

I wish that I had a washingline full of lovely handspun!!! Gorgeous!

Queen of the froggers said...

Your handspun, hand dyed is fabulous! I would prance around showing everyone them !

BabyLongLegs said...

I love the way natural hand spun fibre reacts when it is over dyed....
I do it a lot too, with Corrie, a white wool, and BFL which is cream....its glorious seeing the dyes run up the plies as well... you just don't ger that with mill spun :)

S xXx