Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Why do that? Or DH says wouldn't it be easier to buy a jumper?

What did you do last weekend?

I washed my Jacob's fleece

It started out looking something like this, and after a couple of baths in hot water with washing up liquid in it and several rinses in more hot water

it ended up looking like this

I wash it in these laundry bags so that it all stays together and doesn't wash away down the plug hole (I see a major plumbing emergency that way *shudders* LOL

Once it is washed (I divided it up into separate colours with delusions of being able to knit some kind of patterned jumper (shakes head at own naive optimism). Then it needs to be carded or combed.
I am using majacraft combs. Looking at the amount of fleece to be combed and the size of the combs I may have bitten off more than I can chew but I press on regardless. After combing it looks like this.
Now I use the Diz to get some sort of order into the situation, wonderful device so simple and so effective.
I end up with a long sausage of sproingy fibre which only needs to be lightly drafted before my spindle makes light work of it. I am keeping it aran/chunky size - it will one day be a jumper remember and I like to knit lace. Pressing that thought away I proceed with my fat yarn and make a grand total of 13 yards of this.

I think I may be some time.... But despite my fears that Jacobs might be a tad scratchy I am delighted with my tiny yardage of fat squooshy sproingy yarn. Now I just need to repeat the process ... oh ... several hundred times and them I will be ready to start knitting.

LOL Maybe DH is right, but I'm not listening.


sparkleduck said...

so, how did you magically make the baa-ing bit of the sheep disappear between pictures 1 and 2? ;o)

Rosie said...

Buying a jumper might be easier, but its just not half as much fun as making your own. That is going to be fabulous yarn.

TutleyMutley said...

Fabulous yarn, indeed - I know how you feel though - I got given not one but THREE Jacob fleeces last June - I've made my Jacob hat so far, which hardly dented the supply.
Now what IS a diz???

Probably Jane said...

Elizabeth Zimmermann recommends knitting a hat as a 'guage swatch' if you need a bit of variety!

The yarn looks fabulous.

Keli said...

You could weave with it!