Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Bad Blogger

1aspindles 003
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I have been very lax :( But I will have a quick photo round up so you'll see where I am :)

and where I am is mainly spindling :)

1asimonside 005

I'm currently working on this

and navajo plying :)

I also made this with my Knitter's Loom

1weave 001

And, finally, can't believe I didn't show you how thw stole turned out LOL we tied the knot

1weddingmine 116a

and my Mum thought the stole was lovely

1weddingmine 113a

Phew! Glad that's all caught up them :) Hopefully I will be blogging a little more regularly as, now that the cold lurgy is receeding, I hope to be knitting more lace and blogging some techniques here :)

How is everybody? Long time no 'see'.


Auntie Noo said...

Your stole is gorgeous! What a special thing for a special day !

Annette said...

Great to "see" you too and all the family! Lovely blue roving/yarn/spinning; what do you plan to knit it up into?
The stole really did look stunning and will always be a perfect reminder of a happy day.