Monday, November 22, 2010

Spindles Out!

Recently I've been dyeing custom orders on super sorted BFL (Blue faced Leicester), yum yum yum. A few braids also made it into the shop but I kept back a braid of 'Bluebells' colourway for me. I've been spindling!

Once you have a sitting room full of spinning wheels and with time in short supply I tend to wheel spin whenever I get the spinning urge. I feel as if I'll get more done, and I probably do, more photos to follow of last nights plying escapades later but ...

Lately I've been wanting to spindle and I'd forgotten how much you can get done in the little bits of time you have between other things. This spindle has been spun whilst DD2 has her bath. She likes me to sit in there and chat about her day whilst she bathes and plays. Often I take my knitting but this is also ideal spindling time. I'm plying on the fly having learnt how to do this from this you tube video. This means I don't have to take the yarn off the spindle and ply it - I will have a finished 3 ply yarn when I'm done. I may be tempted to take the other braid out of the shop too, but at the moment I have no plans for the yarn, I'm just enjoying the spindling.

I'd love to get a spindle gym... or maybe I could make one?

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