Friday, December 03, 2010

Snow Day 2

The sun was shining brightly this morning.
But by the time I'd done the jobs I needed to the front was coming over and the clouds were here too. Nevertheless I needed to go to the bank and decided to walk the long route to go through the park. I set off along the unattractively named Willington Gut and took some photos anyway even though the light was not ideal.

It's nice to see the new bridge which involved reprofiling the slope hasn't killed off the sledgers. These ones had better watch out! If they don't stop soon enough they'll be in the Gut, brrrrr!

The walk through the snow was very lovely despite the sun going in.

There was even someone skiing through the park!

And the trees are beautiful in the snow.

Meanwhile there has been spinning on my new wheel. DH finally noticed the latest addition to the 'family'. Hang on, says he, have they been breeding! Baked beans for Christmas dinner anyone?

Keep safe and warm this winter.

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