Sunday, December 11, 2011

Where did those months go?

So long since my last blog entry and it's been a funny time. Not in a good way sadly. My mum has been diagnosed with dementia. They've decided it is not Alzheimer's but they're not clear which type of dementia it is. They are linking it to her head injury 18 months ago but actually she was already behaving strangely before that, repeating herself a lot. On the positive side she is very happy and finds everything very funny. On the negative she seems to be deteriorating rapidly and this makes it very difficult for my dad to keep up with the many adjustments he is having to make in order to care for her.

We have entered the weird world of social vs medical care and the support (or lack thereof) provided by the state. My poor dad is alternately strong, brave and overwhelmed. I am so sad, so very sad and writing about it, thinkig about it makes me cry. Nevertheless I will write about this more in the future no doubt. For now my world is upside down, I have done no dyeing for ages and I am slowly getting myself back into the swing of things and the new normal that life has become. Thank goodness for the routine of going to work at Ring a Rosie which has kept me sane and to Barbara who has been a constant source of support and sympathy.

Life goes on.


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Anonymous said...

I am so sorry about your mother. Accept any offers of help, be patient, take good notes when talking with social services and good luck.