Thursday, May 31, 2012

Dads like long socks

I don't. Like long socks that is! Well, not to knit anyway, they go on forever.

 I like To knit ankle socks. But last time I was visiting my dad was wearing his a Hand knitted socks, admittedly he wears them as bed socks, not every day socks but he was wearing them. This made me very happy and I know he likes long socks so I decided I would make him some long socks. A little bit of what he likes is definitely called for especially now he is Mum's career and life has taken such an unexpected turn, so long socks are the least I can do and living 200 miles away there is little else I can do, is there :( ? I will have to post an image once I am home so for now here are the instructions for the socks,in case you want to knit some for your dad too! Toe up, Judy’s magic cast on from 16 stitches increased 4 every other round up to 64. Knit 3x1rib on the instep stitches. Short row heel turn. Calf increases: 3x1rib to 6.5” increased one purl stitch at centre back. Added 1 purl stitch in rib on either side of centre after 5 more rows. Work as set until leg measures 10.5” from base of floor as worn, increase a second purl stitch at centre back, work 5 rows as set, increase another 1 purl stitch in rib at either side of those already increased, the back section now knits as p2 k3 p2 k3 p3 k3 p2 k3 p2 . Continue as set until you loose the will to live, sorry Dad I know you like long socks but … Increase 2 further p stitches on final row before changing to 2x2rib and then knit in rib until you want to scream. Cast off using a stretchy sewn cast off. Repeat for second sock and never knit rib socks again except I know he’ll love them so I will be making more the longer the better as far as he’s concerned!

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