Thursday, October 19, 2006

odd ball swap

odd ball
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I must begin by appologising for the truely appauling photo. I should have taken it during daylight, except I'm not sure we had any daylight today as it was so dull and overcast all day! But the attempt at a photo with flash was even worse so please be glad you can see it at all ...

As I cannot help bossing people about and I had missed out on joining the secret summer santa on Angel Yarn's Forum I organised an odd ball swap. Odd balls from stash up to 100gm and copyright free pattern (or from stash) for said balls if possible. Additional pressie if desired up to the value of £5 and no more.

It seemed this might not be as successful as I had hoped, for two reasons. Firstly, and most dimmly, I forgot to put myself in the swap! well, I ask you! But that aside, everything seemed okay until near the end when one swapee contacted me to say she hadn't heard from her swap receiver and could I check she'd got the goodies in case they were lost in the post. No response from swapee. Then the deadline came and went with no parcel for the partner she was suposed to swap with. Oh dear, sad odd ball swapee and sad odd ball swap organiser. So I did the decent thing (all swaps should have an angel just in case of a no show) and sent a swap to the sad swapee.

But today I am happy again. And again for two reasons.

Firstly, another Angel forum member was very sweet and we did a straight swap of odd balls (see photo above) Happy numer 1, and, also the missing swaper has turned up. She had a genuine reason for being late and unable to email to say why and has now posted her swapee's odd balls and publically thanked her sender too.

So all is well that ends well and I am happy too. So nice when people don't let you down.

Oh and did i say my postman brings the nicest things?

I'm off to cast on an Alien Cloth - a little light relief from the lace shawl and gansey. Did I say I wanted to knit stocking stitch? Did I really say that? VBG

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belle said...

Ok, Jam, I'll ask !! What is "Alien Cloth"......are you making funny halloween costumes...... lol