Saturday, December 09, 2006

Sock yarn jumper

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Another jumper for littlest one, in Opal Rainforest Flamingo (4 ply sock yarn) pattern is from the Patons 'A Proncess Tale' book. Unblocked because she had to put it on NOW which was very gratifying :o)

On a sadder note, the bag o' bones cat is no more, he has gone to a windowsill somehwere far away, yep, he kicked the bucket , etc. Fill in Monty Python lines are you see fit a la dead parrot sketch. I feel relieved i don't have to decide whether he has to go now or not. He had one bad wobbly day, laid down on his cushion at the end of that day, went to sleep and never woke up. poor puss, a fighter. The vet said it was a minor miracle he made it for s long as he did becuase when they did his blood test he was 'bad' and that was a month or more ago. Never complained and was purring on DD's lap up until that evening despite feeling so unwell. We had a little funeral in a copice near our house, on the sunny side of the valley. RIP old puss cat, I still look for you when I put the food down.

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Penny said...

I'm sorry about the cat - even if its expected, it is upsetting when it finally happens.