Saturday, February 10, 2007

It's Blocked

It's blocked and it grew quite a lot. Certainly enough to make it wearable. So I don't feel so bad that DD persuaded me to cast off rather than add extra pattern repeats. The finished size went from 32" x 14" to 49" x 20".
The colour came out really different from the other 2 skeins of Carnival so i am really pleased that I didn't try to blend the three into one project, i think it would have been very obvious.

Here are the two shawls side by side, you can see the different shades but also I thought it might be interesting to compare the lace patterns as they felt very similar whilst I was knitting them. The Leaf Lace is a little larger and the holes (yo) go all round each leaf whereas the Forest Canopy has a couple of all K and all P rows between each repeat. The edging on the FC is more dramatic because it is narrower. Otherwise they are similar but their different size means that FC will be more of an every day item and will get worn a lot more I think.
So this evening I was caught between starting a new project and digging out a UFO.
The VLT scarf won, just the edging to do, and a little hesitantly, but growing in confidence,
i have begun. All seems remarkably straight forward so far... famous last words. Even managed to knit without having to sit under a bright lamp! My next lace project will be in cream or white!
So DD didn't get her wish after all as those wrist warmers are still in the ball.
VBG. Ah well, maybe tomorrow, my dear.
Knitting with black is so hard on the eyes, maybe I could throw in some pink when she'd not looking?
Maybe not!


Helen said...

Beautiful lace! And so quick, you are amazing :)

blog-blethers said...

It's blocked ... and its breathtaking!! Absolutely gorgeous!