Thursday, February 15, 2007

Springtime Secret Santa

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Look what the postman crought for me :o)

There are two skeins of alpaca/merino sock yarn in lovely spring colours, from the Natural Dye Studio - just beautiful, the flash has bleached the colours a little so imagine them richer. I will be checking out their website for more goodies as I like the idea of plant dyes and natural mordants(sp?)

A gorgeous beaded kilt pins (just the thing for fastening my shawls) & stitchmarker (? is this a stitchmarker, let's call it a mystery object, what do you think it is?), a knitting keyring (DS just bust the cross stitched one I've used for the last 10 years so that was good timimg )
and some pretty purple (I like purple! A lot) patchwork fabrics too

All in all my SSS did a great job of stalking me and I am delighted.

Now for the clue! Well, I have worked it out, but can you?

My first is in Stitch but not in Bitch.
My second is in Angel but not in Devil.
My third is in Knit but not in Purl.
My fourth is in Worsted but not in Alpaca.
My last is in yarn but not in wool.

Isn't that clever? So who do you think it is?

Thank you SSS you were spot on and have cheered me up no end - I have DD's cold and was feeling very sorry for myself until the postman came You made my day!

Aren't I a lucky ducky? :o)


Helen said...

Fantastic pressies! Can't wait to get mine :)

Spinayarn said...

Lovely pressies! The natural dye studio colours are fabulous.