Saturday, October 27, 2007

First Baby Hat for Ages

I found this yarn in my LYS, in Whitley Bay, and loved the colour. At that time I had no idea what I would use it for, but providence has seen fit to send a small person my way so it seemed only right that baby should have a hat. I will be collecting her (or him - with a different hat) from the hospital and it's turned a little chilly recently so yesterday I cast on using the Hambley Hand Painted Yarn - very informative label :o) It does say that it's 80 % wool and 20% Polyamide so it should wash well and indeed it has responded very nicely to being wet for blocking by blooming a little, just enough to make is soft and fluffy.

I used the Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns and two strands of the 4 ply so that it knitted to a tension of 4 st to the inch (approx.). Of course I had a false start as I didn't actually do a tension square but knitting at 5 st per inch it was going to be way too big, so I ripped that back and started again.
I did a picot edge and a little icord top knot and I'm pleased with it. It took an evening to make and I will add a set of mitts and booties to match.

I haven't knit anything so small for a very long time and it was fun to get such a quick result. sadly the book doesn't go down small enough for the mitts and booties but i am sure I have several patterns elsewhere, if only I knew where to find them. this morning a PY sock jumped in the way so i have to give that a little attention before casting on for the mitts. Anyone know the circumference of a newborn wrist?
I've googled Hambley Hand Painted Yarn and all variations thereof but can't find any info on the maker so I'll pop back to the LYS and see if they know any more. If anyone knows anything about these yarns please let me know as I haven't seen them anywhere else and I'd like to use them again.


YarnSnob said...

aw. so cute. You ready for the new arrival? Its great what you are doing!

Anonymous said...

that is sooo cute :)


Fiona said...

Gorgeous hat!

Queen of the froggers said...

I like the colours in that yarn and of course it is a very cute hat!

Anonymous said...

Hi I know it's a bit late to reply to this post but I make Hambley hand painted Yarn, here in the North East. You can contact me through Ravelrey and I also have an Etsy shop.