Sunday, May 11, 2008

Got that spinning bug Spoiler Alert for Yarn Yard's Fibre Club

Don't look any further if you haven't received your fibre club parcel yet and still want a surprise.

Before I learnt to use my wheel (began to learn) I joined Natalie's Fibre Club. This may seem like the wrong order to do this in, but it was the incentive I needed to get spinning. I have had my wheel for over a year and never tried her. I think I was scared I wouldn't be able to do it properly. Knowing that the fibre would soon start arriving meant I had to get going.

Yesterday the first installment of fibre arrived and it is gorgeous. A lovely pinky blend of colours, not at all 'me' but still lovely. For me one of the advantages of belonging to a club like this is that the choices are made for me. I like purple, did I tell you? :) so I play safe and I choose purple. But in a club you get the club yarn and some months there are fibres (or whatever) that you would not normally choose. This may be why some people do not choose to join clubs. I can see how, if you have a very strong negative reaction, you would feel that you had wasted your money. Of course it could be the favourite colour of a friend or relative so you'll have a use for it anyway. But we all like to open our parcels and say "oooooh how lovely". For me it's a way to push myself out of that purple comfort zone.
I try colours I would never have thought to buy for myself and I find I like them more than I imagined.

Anyway Natalie has been very kind and has sent me a gift with my club fibre of something guaranteed to please. This is, she says, to practice on! Too good for that. I will spin it very carefully, for those wondering about the club colours this was the last club fibre before this months. This months is a Merino Tencel 50:50 blend, LOL, I have no idea what that means or what Tencel is but it is very pretty. I am having a wonderful time discovering new things and learning new techniques.

Along with the club goodies and the lovely gift (thank you again Natalie) I also ordered a fibre sampler pack which contains a little each of
Merino pencil roving, merino top, BFL Superwash top and 50% merino/50% tencel. All a lovely clear shimmering white and all perfect for 'having a go'. Great idea - a try before you buy - for sampling before buying larger quantities.

I also joined Anni's Lace Club and the first one of these lovely laces arrived yesterday too 55% silk 45% cashmere and 800 yds to 110gms and this time it is purple. The base yarn is the same as Posh Yarn's Eva and there is another Posh Yarn Sunday Sale at 6pm tonight. I wondered about telling you this :( maybe, as a devout Posh fan, I should not point this fact out. But I looked at their yarns and decided that the dying makes a huge difference, both yarns may start out the same but each artisan adds their own unique stamp with their dying choices and methods. Anni's yarn is not Tony's yarn and Tony's yarn is not Anni's - both are wonderful in their own way. I know there are people who are frustrated by the limited supply of Posh Yarn so maybe those people would prefer Anni's etsy shop format where you can buy at your leisure without the fierce competition that Posh has for it's products. There is, judging by the 'Sold Out' signs going up after 5 minutes over at Posh, room for both of them. Btw there is a great Posh Yarn Group over on Ravelry, join us :)

Now that I have seen it 'in the flesh' I will defiantly be buying more of this from Anni's etsy shop. I also received a little hessian bag and a pattern designed by Anni as part of the club..

The clubs are about the yarn/fibre for me. The extras are nice but not essential. It's nice to have a new pattern but I don't think i will use this one for this particular lace :) I emailed Anni with a question and received a speedy response even though she is out of the country at the moment. How is that for customer service? Thank you too, Anni.

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Viknits said...

Wow that laceweight is gorgeous! *drooool* I relaly must buy some when my stashlong's over!
Your first habdspun in the post below is lovely. The colours are beautiful and it looks like you've spun it really well and evenly! Much better then my first handspun!
I recommend keeping it to squish for a few months ;)