Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Time to play catch up ... or what I did last week ... or then there was some more spinning :)

I got this lovely pencil roving from n at yarnyard. it does make spinning even singles easier but the merino tops I plied it with was a bit lumpy :) I ended u with 200g and 80 odd yards (emphasis on the odd).

1pencilroving 002

yarnfibre2 011

yarnfibre2 010

yarnfibre2 008

yarnfibre2 006

As the fibre stash has begun to grow cough, I have had a stock take of the yarn stash, cough cough, and decided I need to do, cough, some knitting. So I cast on for a forest canopy shawl but I didn't want a triangular shawl so I am adding an extra panel of leaves to make a half hexagon.


I have also done a little on the woodland shawl scarf/cowl/shrug which hasn't decided what it is going to be yet LOL not got much yarn left for that one.



Kai said...

I love the spinning! It's looking great.

Both shawls are looking great. I have the Woodlands shawl on my to-do list... :)

Viknits said...

I love the spinning too :) love the colours, the pink mixed with the white looks lovely. Well done you :)
I love the idea for the FC to make it into a half hexagon - that's a top idea! :)

modelwidow said...

Ooh pretty yarn, I like your idea for the forest shawl too.