Thursday, November 27, 2008

All the way from New Zealand

1apioneer 001
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May I introdce you to my Pionner by Majacraft?

When I bought Julia earlier this year what I really wanted was a Matchless or failing that a Majacraft - any of the Majacrafts would do, lovely wheels. But the price was out of my reach and I didn't want to wait and save up LOL so I got the Louet Julia instead and I am very hapy with her. We have tried each other out now and settled into a routine of reliable spinning and comfortable lightweight, I have plied and navajo plied and 3 plied and I am happy with how she spins.

So what did Majacraft do to cause me to buy wheel number two? The brought out the Pioneer, an entry level, no bells and whistles, basic wheel that is in my price range. So I bought one of those too and today we are a two wheel household.

I am keeping Julia, DH and I discussed the relative merits of selling on a used wheel and he persuaded me it would be better to have two. I do love that man!

I do realise, by the way, that is I had saved up since I wanted a wheel I could now have a top of the range Majacraft for about the same price as these two seperate wheels LOL but the what would I get if I won the lottery? Why, a Matchless of course.

There's no pleasing some people!

The Pioneer, as yet unnamed, are getting used to each other, boy the Majacraft wants that yarn badly, it pulls it out of your hand way more than the Louet, LOL but we'll get used to each other and just look at the size of the bobbins! Now I need time to spin up allllllll my stash.

Happy happy joy joy!

I bought the Pioneer from Designscape Concepts as it worked out cheaper to buy it in NZ and pay for it to be shipped here even when you added on the VAT duty slapped on by customs than it was to buy it here.


pingush said...

Love it. Love love love it! I think it's a perfect blend of knitting

and professionalism. =)

BabyLongLegs said...

Woohoo....its finally landed :)
Looks great...have lots of fun with it!

And if you ever do decide to part with your Julia.....can I have first dibs???

S xXx

Steveknits said...

Might I suggest either Willa (in honor of the author) or Alexandra (in honor of the heroine) for the name of your new wheel?

Both are in reference to O Pioneers! one of the great novels of all time (IMHO).


fiona d said...

I am really leaning towards a Pioneer - how are you finding it now you've had it a while? I'm interested that it was cheaper to import it direct - did you have to pay a lot to customs? Sorry for all my questions!