Sunday, November 30, 2008

Fear Not the Fair Isle

1akgloves 001
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Mittens, mittens, they're everywhere and I love them.

I finished DD2's mitts and I am now planning a pair for the teacher for her hristmas pressy. Poor lass she shivers so on the playground at home time and I think a coat may take me until DD2 has left school LOL but mittens are 'doable' so I will do.

DD2 turned her hand over for you so you can see the palm.

1akgloves 002

I added her initials and will put a cord on them and thread it through her coat sleeves, in an atempt to stop them getting lost. Or if lost, to find their way home.

What are their chances, do you think?

Meanwhile in other news, I have been spinny spinny spinning with Sarah. Sarah? Yes, Sarah!

1apioneer 001

My new Majacraft Pioneer. Did I tell you about Sarah? Oh I did! Well, she's wonderful and we make beautiful yarn together. Photos to follow because some of it is secret. Shhhhhh! Don't tell anyone, promise? Good I knew I could trust you to keep a secret LOL

Happy spinning and knitting and lots of mittens to you.



kathryn said...

Lovely mittens! And I love the initials idea.

Steveknits said...

Oh duh! I see you have named her......I was reading the Blog in order and left my name suggestions on the previous entry.

Sarah is a great name too....


Saira said...

The mittens are fab Jacqui, and I approve of the name for your new wheel.

Sally said...

I test drove a Pioneer last week and it was a very smooth spin. It sounds like you're having a great time with your new friend Sarah!