Saturday, February 28, 2009

David is the man!

My creation
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I've been neglecting the blog again, sorry blog, I love you really. Any and all free time is taken up with spinning, I do remember knitting but we spend less and less time together, some day we will have to become reacquainted as I have to do something with all the hand spun!

Here's some beautiful merino in Southern Cross Fibres Gecko by David Schulz. Beautiful fibre to work with and this 390yds of n plied loveliness just flew onto the bobbin with hardly any effort. The finished yarn is 20 wpi so suitable for a shoulder shawl perhaps?

Here's a closer look at the finished yarn.

gecko 006a

More of David's fibre arrived this morning and I've also spun the first of my Southern Cross Fibre Club instalments. Here's February's fibre and having recently been all about fine yarns I decided to go for a quick fix and spin this on chunky weight. Fibre first..

1aadavid 001

Beautiful smooth as silk fibre that spins like butter through your fingers and at this thickness was one evenings spinning singles and the next afternoon plying as a 2 ply to produce this 90 yds 7wpi

1aaloveovergold 003

If you'd like to see the other fibre which arrived today from Australia you can look at my Flickr here where you'll also see a few skeins of Posh Yarn which I bought recently. In my own defence I should point out that all of this was pre Lent as I am on a fibre fast and trying to use up my fibre/yarn stash. I've made it this far (since Wednesday) without buying either yarn or fibre but the whole of lent will be a challenge for me :) Especially as Dee and Tony at Posh Yarn are about to start selling fibre for spinning.

I'm off to London for the day on Wednesday and that means 6+ hours of knitting, something unheard of. I am about to start the last 1/4 of my Tess d'Urberville shawl but I'm not sure whether to take that as it is getting quite large for a 'carry on' project. I'm looking for an impressive project (there will be non-knitters we need to convert) and I will need to be able to chat whilst knitting so it needs to look hard but really be easy LOL Socks? All those needles are always impressive to the novice, or maybe a familiar shawl something like a Forest Canopy, lace looks hard but this pattern is so established in my head now I think I could knit it in company without too much trouble provided I had done the set up before I went. A whole day away from home is very unusual, the last one I had was last June when I went to Woolfest but even then I had the baby with me and I was driving so a whole childfree day with knitting opportunities is both unheard of, and very desirable.

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TutleyMutley said...

love that handspun chunky, beautiful colours like watercolour paint - I've been spinning fine for a while now, and have been thinking about chunky - all those woolywormhead hats wanting to be knit.
And posh yarns are going to be selling fibre? mmm. thanks for that snippet.