Monday, March 02, 2009

And the Fibre goes on ...


I spun/span/spinned some more of David's fibre. This time colourway midnight in merino and made these singles (above) which I plied into this yarn (below).


and it goes squoosh squooshy squooshy!

So soft and floofy and I think I am going to make me a big old comfort blanket because my baby fosterling is leaving us in 3 weeks, and, after 16 months and from the day she was born - I will miss that baby big time! and I'm gonna need me some comfort :(

In more happy news I am going to the big smoke for the day on Wednesday and that means 6 hours train ride with no children of any description so I need to plan some serious and most excellent knitting time! Can I knit lace on a train? Probably not, Perhaps I'll start that blanket :)

Send me a hug, I need one tonight.


belle said...

Consider yourself hugged....oooh, that will be hard, saying bye bye to your fosterling.


Michaela said...

That yarn is beautiful. Big, big hug - it must be so very difficult saying good bye like that. Fostering must be so hard.


Saira said...

I suppose thats the downside of fostering. Big hugs and just try to think of all the good stuff. xx

TutleyMutley said...

I'll bet your baby will miss you too - big hugs from me.
Lovely yarn though. 6hours knitting, pah! That's nuffink 8-) I'm off to Skip North!