Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Dees Batts

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Dees Batts
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Over at Posh Yarn Dee has been learning to spin and Tony has started to dye for batts.

I was waiting for the postman this morning because the Posh Sock Club Yarn is due any day now, instead he brought this lovely surprise. Great, pink/orange/sparkly batt, lovely.

Damsel in Distress
70% Falkland
20% Alpaca
10% Silk and lots of sparkle

the wonderful colours we've come to expect from Posh and beautifully soft. I haven't bought any Posh Batts up until now, but I shall be watching future sales with great interest (it's beautifully soft) for some more subtler colourways like this one, I'm going to try for a laceweight from this batt. For more posh colour therapy try looking at their Flickr set.

I am looking forward to spinning this and it's amazing how pink is coming to me at the moment. From my limited knowledge of colour therapy I seem to remember that pink is the colour of 'unconditional love' and that seems very appropriate and healing as Baby left us a week ago today to go live with her Dad. Bon voyage Baby, I love you xxx

My most recently finished spinning was this batt from picperfic on etsy

1aaapinkfluff 003

1aaapinkfluff 002

which became this, Pink sparkly batts spun into heavy laceweight/4 ply, 2 ply, Pioneer, short forward draw, Shetland & sparkle


Whilst I have really enjoyed spinning and plying and learning how to make a soft yarn by not over spinning the singles I have also been watching all the lovely low twist singles other people have been spinning so, with the Wildcraft Fibre Club fibre, I thought I'd have a go myself. I didn't think I could manage it on the wheel so I went for a spindle to have a little more conrtol and reversibility and this is the result.

1aaawildcraft 003

1aaawildcraft 008

1aaaspunkyooooo 003

Karen's fibre is a beautiful BFL & silk mix, and a lovely colourway called Viola. I think I will make a cowl from it. The spindle is from Wildcraft too and I am happy to recommend them to anyone (no affiliation).

As I haven't blogged for a while here are some more photos to catch you up with some knitting too :)

1aaatess 008

1aaatess 012

1aaatess 013

1aaatess 017

1aaatess 010

The Tess d@urberville shawl, finally off the needles, remind me not to knit this much gs ever again in 4 ply yarn. Posh Yarn of course :)


A quick beret for DD1 using this free pattern a quick pallette clenser taking less than 2 days and 2.5 balls of Rowan RYC Cashsoft Chunky.

Lent finished early in my house as I failed miserably not to buy more fibre althogh this was a swap

1aaaspunkyooooo 004

and this was a gift from the Spunky Angels on Ravelry

1aaaspunkyooooo 001

I had to try Dee's roving from their first ever fibre sale, well I had to!


and a last bit of spinning, David's polwarth in Teresa colourway

11aaa 009

1aaateresa 001

yum yum, still my favourite fibre. Also from Southern Cross Fibre, this months FibreClub colourway was called Spring Forward, beautiful, rather than show you just the 1 fibre I thought you might like to see all the fibre David has on Flickr

Happy spinning everyone, and a little knitting time too. Life goes on, so must we and the kindness of knitty and spinny folk make the path easier. :)


vikki said...

Your spinning has me drooling, it's so beautiful! You've inspired me to get back to my wheel - I've been a bit uninspired and short of time lately. I'm also going to check out the Posh batts! :)

TutleyMutley said...

Wow, so many fantastic pictures to drool over. You say you've been trying to make a softer yarn by not overspinning singles: I've had the opp. problem with my lovely lendrum and being underplying - so I went the other way with a skein of BFL and now I've got a very twisty result! I guess it's all practice. I love the colours of your spindle reflected in the fibre. oh yum.

picperfic said...

So glad that pink is comforting baby a child? My youngest(she's 13) lives with her Dad and stays with me every school holiday, I live for those times like right now and we are having loads of fun...

You are such a prolific how my batts turned out, the yarn is stunning. I am going to try and buy a batt or two from Dee this evening, better set my alarm! Bet I miss it lol