Saturday, April 11, 2009

Next Generation Knitter

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I should have been listening more closely a month or two ago when Myheartexposed on Ravelry started telling me about knitting looms.

I should have picked up on how very addicitve and wonderful they are. But I didn't.

As a treat for being good whilst fabric shopping K and I popped into the adjacent craft shop and found a set. They're great. Great for children (and especially for adults but shush) because there are no needles to drop. She can wrap and pick and it just grows and grows. We've tried needles and didn't get anywhere, too many thumbs!

Remember the Knitting Nancy of your youth, well, put her on steroids and you get one of these babies, circular knitting at it's best.

The only drawback is a lack of chunky yarn, but that can be remedied.

Of course said purchase has led to some book buying, I do like to have a library to go with each new craft venture LOL

Anyone got any recomendations to take us beyond hats?
Where can I buy a sock loom?
How didn't I know how easy and addictive these things are before?
Oh yes, that's right I wasn't paying attention when Myheartexposed was telling me just that a few months ago.


Can you see the concentration? Excuse the make up btw we were having a girly day LOL

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picperfic said...

that loom looks like fun and the make-up looks equally good!

Helen / myheartexposed on ravelry said...

HIya Jacqui

I have a loom knitting group online that will take you far far far beyond hats!

I am also selling my sock looms plus a couple of others. Contact me to discuss or catch me at Starbucks tonight :)

Huge hugs

Helen x