Saturday, May 09, 2009

Baby's Batt is finished

My creation
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Do you remember a while ago the lovely Dee at Posh Yarn gifted me a batt called damsel in Distress? Well, if you don't, she did! I started spinning when I was still grieving my 'goodbye' for my most recent foster baby who had just left us to go to her new home. Spinning is such very good therapy :) I'm feeling much more my usual self and the batt is spun!

2 ply yarn 103g 411yds.

1aaaclubs 001

Damsel in Distress
70% Falkland
20% Alpaca
10% Silk
and lots of sparkle

1aaaclubs 002

and beautifully soft. I don't quite know what this will become yet, probably a Gail shawl. But I do know what some earlier spinning will be. I made some low twist singles from the Wildcraft Club Fibre and tonight I cast on for a Moebius Cowl. I have Claire to thank for that as she had her cowl at Stitch n Bitch last night and I was very taken with it :) Here are the singles and the specs BFL & silk: 203 yds, low twist thick & thin singles, spindle spun.

1aaawildcraft 001

1aaawildcraft 003a

1aaaviola 001

Meanwhile I am surprised and delighted to have been given an award by Helen over at .

Thank you so much Helen, to say I am delighted is an understatement.


The rules for this award are The rules of the "KreativBlogger Award" are to list seven things I love and then pass it on to another seven KreativBloggers. Tonight I am just too tired to know where to begin, it's been a very long day, but I wanted to share my glee at the award and to promise I'll look at passing it on to some more deserving bloggers tomorrow. Sleep well and pleasant spinny knitty dreams to you all


modelwidow said...

I'm envious of you spinning talents, damsel in distress looks beautiful, and the moebius cowl came up a treat, it must be so rewarding to start with the lovely fluffy stuff and end up with something so nice to wear

Helen said...

You deserve it, you are highly inspirational and just lovely :)


Helen x

Guzzisue said...

loving the yarn on the spindle :-)