Wednesday, May 20, 2009

So... where was I?

Oh yes, I needs to nominate some blogs and I am going to cheat a little :) I've been thinking about sewing a lot recently and finding myself drawn to sewing magazines especially quilting and patchwork ones, so I shall digress slightly from the recent knitting mania and give you some links to patchwork/sewing related blogs. this lovely lady sometimes comes to our SnB meetings and her blog is a lovely place to hang out and look for inspiration - lovely reflection of a lovely lady ;)

I asked for some suggestions on Ravelry and these led me to the following stitchy places

all of this loveliness makes me want to get the fabrics out and play and as I am still waiting for a new placement I have time whilst Little Miss 6 years is at school so maybe I should make hay whilst the sun shines LOL it could be pouring next week, and as it's half term it probably will be. Perhaps I should be teaching Little Miss 6 Years to sew too - could be fun, will be a mess but could also be fun! If you've never done any sewing before this site might help.

So I am in search of small projects to make with the Little Miss and I think bags, little bags are a good place to start. Isn't a universal truth that small girls like small bags? It is in our house. Hmmm, and some soft toys of some kind. When I was a teenager I made lots of rag dolls so time to resurrect that idea too, maybe one of those upside down, happy/sad, asleep/awake dolls? Yes, that would be fun. And for me some quilting projects to finish too and a stichery I marked up but never got around to sewing, that was meant to be for Belle, are you still there Belle? I shall sew your stitchery first, a nice portable project if I put everything in a basket.

But before any of that I have a test knit to finish so to the knitting and I'll dream of sewing and get ready for next week and if it rains we'll have plenty to do. Having a 6 year old in the house can be a very good excuse to find you inner child. What would yours like to be doing for the summer?

Actually I have to confess to feeling guilty for flitting between crafts, and often feeling guilty stops me doing things. It's the same with wip, mustn't cast on the next project until the current one is finished! Sound familiar? But not feeling the enthusiasm for the current project means I just do nothing instead of finishing, so maybe a better attitude is to resist the guilt and give in to the temptation. After all I am not sewing or knitting or spinning to clothe or feed my family (thank heavens, they'd starve!) but because it brings me peace and joy, so why impose rules that constrain that peace and deadlines that limit the joy? What is it that makes us castigate ourselves for not meeting self imposed targets? Relax, enjoy, glory in the creativity and let it lead you where it will, on a whimsy, the process brings pleasure and if we stumble across a finished project along the way all the better. Ah, I feel much better already. Letting myself out of the straight jacket for the summer, after the testy Tilia that is. To work! Play time is next LOL

And if your wondering where to get the goodies, then I recommend Cotton Patch (no affiliation)

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Have you looked at for sewing inspiration. Erin is on Ravelry and makes some beautiful things. Almost makes me want to sew but I can't do a straight line with a