Sunday, March 20, 2011

Catching up on our goings out.

Last weekend was the Birtley Model Railway Show. One of the good things about having a DH with an obsession, er, I mean interest, of his own is that he can't criticise mine! Well he can and he does, but he hasn't a leg to stand on!
Another good thing about it is that it chimes nicely with a past interest of my own, Dolls Houses. These models are in another league from anything I ever made and I really enjoy looking at the exquisite detail in some of these exhibits.
Essential equipment is 'the step'.
These events are always attended by the nicest people, the same people often that you meet at preserved railways. Good people.
It just wouldn't be the same if she couldn't drive some engines too.
This Thomas the Tank layout is always popular.

On the way home from Birtley we pass The Angel Of The North and as we've never stopped to have a proper look we did so this time.
The size is really something you need to stand up next to to believe.

So she did and it was!
Luckily it was nice and sunny.
There were also some rather good clouds.

This fabulous blanket arrived on Saturday morning just before I left for work. The wonderful Posh Yarn Ravelry group members made it for me! I am overwhelmed and much as it is beautiful to look at it is so much more gorgeous to feel. All that loveliness... for me?!? Amazing. I shall treasure it forever and 'thank you' is not big enough to begin to express my gratitude.
Today the sun shone again. Maybe it's the spring equinox or maybe it's the love of the Posh Posse, whichever it is the gloom is lifting and we're heading in to spring. Hurrah!
We went to Tynemouth and built a sandcastle.

It was good, and the day was warm enough (until the sun went down) not to be bundled up too much. Looking forward to the year ahead now.

There's a fibre update next Saturday 26th March at 8.30pm GMT. There'll be a preview before then so you can see what will be included. Meanwhile, I'm starting the sleeves on my Fair Isle jumper as the body is done up to the yoke shaping.

Happy knitting and spinning, enjoy your sunshine whenever and wherever it comes and be kind to each other there really isn't much else. :)


dissertation service said...

Cool! Thank yoU!

Anonymous said...

The Angel of the North is simply beautiful, spectacular even. I really enjoyed this post and hope that Spring will pop out for you soon...this is an older post...My guess Spring has come and you are enjoying it. Look forward to your next post as I just found your blog.
see you again soon, Happy Spring
Maryland, USA

Amity Knight said...

It was interesting to read you comments regarding your husbands train interests. My DH is slightly obessed too so he can't comment on my scrapbooking addiction. We both enjoyed your shots of the model railway exhibition.
I only wish I could knit. I can but very poorly. I'll stick to scrapping I think.