Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring Cleaning

Time for a catch up :) I finished my 'Sunglasses Required' blanket and the download for the free pattern is available here

The fundraising at Ripples Craft for which I donated a Cold Hands Warm Heart Mitten Kit raised a grand total of £1155.33 which is fabulous. Of course since then events have overtaken us and we now think of our brothers and sisters in Japan and their loss and grief. If you'd like to do something to help there is information here about knitting squares.

I added a photo of St Abbs to my website blog but not to blogspot so here it is.

I've been doing lots of spinning but have no photos to share yet, more of that next time.

The Metro runs not far from my house and is a vital link.

I like it even more now that I am reminded how much I don't like buses! The metro is closed for refurbishment of stations, installation of new ticket machines and the relaying of the original track which was put down more than 30 years ago by British Rail.

They are working through the night and DH has been out taking photos. I thought I'd share, after all something like this doesn't happen on your doorstep every day of the week :)

For anyone local whom it may effect - DH says there's no way North Shields station will re-open in 2 weeks time, it is now a muddy hole in the ground!

The website is undergoing a bit of a spring clean so some areas are offline at the moment. The next fibre and spindle update will be on Saturday March 26th at 8.30pm GMT. Hopefully you will find the new layout of the shop pages easier to navigate. I welcome any feedback on the website so do get in touch using the contact form :)

I am loving my current project. The original Martin Storey pattern Homestead

is lovely but I wanted to tidy up those reindeer legs! So I've adapted it somewhat by knitting it in the round and doing the reindeer as a yoke rather than seaming them so there will be no 6 legged reindeer. This one will be for DD1 and she has had a lecture about laundering it as the baby alpaca yarn s too gorgeous to even contemplate shrinkage! This is what I've done so far and I don't want to knit a stitch on any other project until this one is done! I may not feel the same by the time I get to the sleeves. I've altered the fair isle patterns a little to make them fit more comfortably into my stitch count and knitting in the round.

So, happy spinning, knitting and crochet and let's here it for the people who work through the night for us.

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Maria said...

No se si me entiendan. No hablo ingles, pero me encantaron sus fotografias. Son unos paisajes espectaculares. Soy de Venezuela. Espero alguna ves publicar unas fotos de aqui para que conozcan un poco a venezuela. Soy nueva en con el Blog. Hasta pronto.