Thursday, July 28, 2011

What a Wonderful Day at the Fair

How much fun can you have in a tent? Well, whilst I wouldn't recommend sleeping in one - you don't get much sleep - going to a fibre festival held in one (or two) is definitely a good idea :D

Setting up didn't take long, I've done this a few times now :D First time for DD1 and DS2 though, but they seem to have enjoyed themselves.Everything laid out on Friday night ready for the customers on Saturday morning - and here's a closer look at the things on offer.This was the first ever Fibre East but I am sure it wont be the last. We all enjoyed it and everyone else seemed to be having a good time too :D

I took 10 minutes on Sunday to have a look around and visited the 'Sheep to Sweater' tent where everyone was working hard. It took 6 minutes to carefully clip Sally the sheep so that there were no second cuts in the fleece, then it was over to the spinners. Once the first bobbins were full the knitting began and within 4 hours the child's size sweater was ready.
I don't think I'd like spinning in the grease, although the lanolin left after scouring a fleece does make your hands feel wonderful. This fleece was exceptionally clean and gorgeous looking. Sally has an ear tag so she can be found again for next year's full scale challenge.
One of the huge beneftis of heading south for a show is being able to have my teenagers with me. As I said this was their first show and now they know what it is that Mum does. They were great and having them there was a joy :)
DD1 even learnt how to spindle, and made a good job of it too, her preffered spindle was a Turkish mini - great work!

Another good thing about going to Bedford was visiting with my family, we're scattered around the country but for once we were all together (apart from my eldest) and it was a wonderful opportunity to spend time with my Mum who has recently been diagnosed with dementia. Not an easy visit but a very worthwhile one and here's a picture I will treasure from our evening out together. My Mum and my little sister share a joke, ahhhhh!

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