Thursday, July 28, 2011

Coming over all Crochet

I've been looking at Attic24 as DD1 wants a blanket to take away to Uni with her. I showed her the options there and she chose the granny stripes one. Meanwhile, not much to show there yet as those are 'l.o.n.g.' rows, I have been crocheting a cushion cover with some stash yarn acquired from Ring-a-Rosie. A nice portable project which I took with me to DD2's swimming club tonight. An hours uninterrupted hooking! Yay! Loving this and the blanket too.

This yarn is a Sirdar discontinued yarn, Sublime Yarns Organic Merino Wool DK. Lovely squooshy yarn. This project is making me want to knit the 20 balls in my stash into something gorgeous to wear to work this winter.

But the sun is still shining now so I'm happy to press on with the crochet blanket and cushion. I think there may be many more to come :) One lovely fringe benefit of crochet is that whilst my mum taught me to knit she does not crochet and this craft is my link to my grandma who crochets but does not knit - perfectly balanced family heritage lol

Talking of the sun, today was a funny day at work in my LYS. Very warm, sweltering, and lots of people buying chunky yarns to knit big jumpers to keep them warm this winter! Either they are going somewhere very cold or this is very good forward planning! Remember how cold it was last year? Walking back from putting my car in the garage I realised the nights are starting to draw in :(

Still a little summer to go and I'll crochet faster if it helps keep the sun here for longer but those snowy days could be just around the corner and I have so many plans for projects I didn't even cast on last year. Let us not mention the ones I did cast on and not finish! I'll have a WiP effort in Ocrober I think. August/September is reserved for knitting handspun to coincide with La Vuelta (spanich Bike race) - I really didn't get much spinning done during the Tour de France, I was working on a secret project I'll tell you about asap, but I have plenty of handspun to work with.

Another lovely thing happened at work today - new seasons yarns have started to arrive, but I can't tell you about that yet either, shhhhh, it's a secret!

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