Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Time for Tea...and Toast!

 Come in, pull up a chair, I have the kettle on, we'll have a cuppa :) I like mine so that you've just shown the tea bag to it, but I can make yours strong enough to stand a spoon in if you like it that way. Oh and hot buttered toast, of course. I'm having jam, plum jam. What would you like? I love lemon curd, it's my very best favourite but I've run out , it's top of the shopping list, so maybe next time?
How was your week? Mine was busy, as usual :) but full of knitting and enthusiasm and the fibre crafts I love so I'm not complaining. Working 6 days a week is tough but I love my job and my boss and our customers, I really do. Some lovely people and so many new and returning knitters that it is really encouraging to be there and to share the newness or their discovery of 'making things', or to hear them talking about the reasons they've started knitting again after years of not knitting and of thinking that they would never knit again. Many people have given away their needles and patterns. Often they are amazed at how things have changed and all the beautiful new yarns. But knitting itself is still, knit and purl, yarn over and knit 2 together, so I reassure them that it will come back to them and tell them that the internet as revolutionised the way we knit and made it an altogether more social activity than it used to be. We have 3 knit and natter groups at the shop and the place is always busy with people enjoying their hobby. Many people restart their knitting when a first grandchild is due and this is a lovely reason to share with them and for which we help them chosse something beautiful and fun to knit.

My oven baby is 9 this week and on Sunday we took advantage of the lovely sunshine to go to Penshaw Monument and take photographs for a school project. This was my first visit despite having lived here for 11 years now and being able to see it over the Tyne from my house. In the afternoon I took DD2 and her best friend to the cinema. Hasn't the pictures gotten expensive! There must be many children who are never taken, 2 children and 1 adult cost over £20 to get in and the 2 small hotdogs and 3 small drinks was £16! You can tell it's a long time since I went to the flicks! I think I'll stay home and eat toast! Mind you I have evidence now that it is possible to knit 2 points of a Hitchhiker whilst watching The Chipmunks 3 Movie!
Despite my tin covers still being naked of their flowers I thought I'd share my progress with you - the flowers are a work in progress, Barbara has been teaching me a different cast on today because I'm not happy with my flower centres, version 2 of the flowers is about to begin when I log off :) Never mind the Narcissi are pretty nonetheless :)

In other news I am buying an electric spinner - I haven't told DH yet, haha, well I've hinted at it. Ooops. I am working on my justifications ;) More on that one later. :D

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