Thursday, March 30, 2006

All That Jazz 2

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While I was organising myslef over on flickr I realised I haven't posted about the 'All That Jazz' quilts now that they are made up.

Do visit Annie's blog to see the wonderful job she has done of making all the beautiful blocks into 3 marvelous quilts.

Annie has also generously given the additional time to blog the whole process - invaluable to those of us who have only ever made a few CQ blocks and have yet to make them into anything - erm - that would be me. I only hope I can do half as good a job and I am sure it will be on a much smaller scale when I do get around to it.

I am stunned to see my work like this, (that's mine top lefthand corner), isn't the quilt great? Aren't the colours brilliant? Sorry there aren't enough superlatives in my vocabulary *rolls eyes*.

When I was making my block I felt as if it was not in the same league as the others. As Sharon Boggon, whose idea this project was, put the pictures of the blocks on her blog I felt that mine somehow didn't 'fit' with the others. But look! Annie can do miracles. My block doesn't stand out like a sore thumb at all! It even looks to me as if it belongs there with the others *blushes*. How clever is that? Very clever indeed!

Thank you Annie so much for all your hard work and for making me feel as if I 'belong'. VBG

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