Wednesday, March 22, 2006


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Can't believe it's a week since I was last blogging! Where did that week go? I have been so busy and with the kids all ill and then me catching the bug when they got better my evenings have been spent zombied out in front of the tv.

So back on track at last and back to the cq tonight. Not very confident about the SRE but it gets better as it gets busier so I guess this is a snap shot of where I am so far. i will add some more embroidery and some beading to the flowers. The scan squashed the larger peachy coloured flowers so imaging thenm a little more perky, if you will :)

Any advice on the SRE welcome definately not a strong point for me :( As you can see I did decide to go with the contrast of the green for the foliage - well, it was hard to stick with the pinks and purples when leaves were a possibility. I intend to go back to my cream on cream pieces after this and get the rest of those christmas decorations done.

Also I was pondering while i was not sewing last week. I find it very difficult to have more than one project on the go at once. Sometimes I can get away with a sewing project and a knitting one as they fulfil very different needs for me. My knitting is a relaxation occupation, definately not something I like to have to struggle with. I am a competant basic knitter but find anything more challenging than a few cable patterns too much and I am not good at reading patterns so find learning anything new difficlut. maybe that is why socks appeal to me. they look difficult with all thse DPN but really it's just stocking stitch - just round and round and round :) and joy of joys no sewing up.

My sewing is different, here I enjoy a challenge. I like to try something new. learning new stitches, working on a new patterns for a traditional quilt, thinking about fibre art postcards, oh it is a joy. But that sort of stitching is very difficult when you are tired and everything else in your life seems to have priority and everyone else gets to call on you before you are able to find time for what you want to do. At 10pm m I really wanting to get out all my bits and bobs ad start experimenting with heat guns and confetti? No. At that time of night I need something I can sit down with and that I can become medatative with. Seam treatments are a possibility if I have had the chance to plan which stitches I am going to use earlier in the day but I am not up to beginning the process after a long day with a three year old snapping at my heels (bless!)

So I have been contemplating giving the cq a rest and going full out on the knitting. After all thanks to Nancy I have a stash that would keep me in Aran jumpers for the rest of my life (the kids too *rolls eyes*) CQ is so time consuming for so little product. Not in terms of quality but if you measure it in inches. Hours and hours of my limited and precious time and what do I achieve? Well, the photo above shows what 5 weeks of all my sewing time has ammounted to and frankly, it's not a lot, is it? So is this why it is crazy to do this quilting? how many sane quilts would I have made in thsi time? How many jumpers?

But there is something satisfying about it, something that keeps me stitching into the wee small hours and keeps me wondering. What is it about crazy quilting? VBG :)


MargaretR said...

I hope you are all 100% soon.

I think I've said this before, but I do love the combination of these colours.

belle said...

Welcome back. I've missed you, and my daily dose of your doings. Glad all is well again :)

Love your sre flowers too.

Calidore said...

I have those days to, where I wonder why I spend so much time doing cq when there isn't a lot to show for it at the end. Like you with three kids there just doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day to find even minutes for me, and by 10 pm I just want to fall into bed and die quietly. I guess what I like about cq is that I can pick it up when I feel like it and when I have time. If it sits for weeks it doesn't matter, it will still be waiting for me. There are no patterns I have to follow or ideas set in stone that must be done. It is up to what my brain (even when it's mush) comes up with. Take a break for a while, rest and recharge - being ill always knocks the stuffing out of a Mum, especially when the kids have been ill too. Enjoy your knitting, those socks sound wonderful.

Maureen said...

Sorry to hear that you haven't been well J.I hope Spring(when it comes) finds you and yours happier and healthier.