Wednesday, March 15, 2006


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Everytime I add a seam or two I take a scan and post it here and looking at t on the screen is very helpful - the equivalent of taking a step back to see more clearly. I notice for example that each scan has a different orientation - I guess my block doesn't know if it is on it's head or it's heels yet. VBG. Maybe the silk ribbon embroidery will help it find which way is up - should be starting that tomorrow :) Not looking forward to it - need lots more practice - and more silk ribbon. VBG.

Just added some button hole stitches today on the dark patch (velvet) and on the bottom left corner seam. These will have some beading added at a later date - maybe much later :) so they look quite simple for now.

Through the forum set up for the joggles class I finally managed to email Carole Samples and get a response - a lovely positive one :) so i will be sending for her 'Dream a Seam' templates maybe my button hole semi circles wont be quite so 'niave' in future - well, that is if I every get round to buying some decent drawing tools - I know I have a couple of quilting pencils somewhere in the house - but I have waited long enough for them to put in an appearance and they are obviously not going to turn up until I buy some more! ho hum, a shopping we will go, a shopping we will go -( all together now) e i n g o a shopping we will go.

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