Friday, May 19, 2006


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Don't know where I have been blogwise recently?

But I am back :)

Here is the first leg of the new CQ Round Robin.

This block is for fibrenut and she is going to make a swing bag with it. So evening bag (i think) means a fan motif is acceptable and blackwork is an effective way to add a striking image. Next I will do a seam treatment and then this block is off to it's next cqer.

This rr promises to be better than the last as we only have two weeks from each block's arrival before we have to post it off to the next person to work on it. There are 12 of us all working on each other's blocks - so the blocks will be quite busy by the time they come back.

I think the last one floundered somewhat because the temptation was to let the project sit in a corner too long and it was easy to loose enthusiasm. But with new inspiration arriving every two or three weeks things should hop along nicely. Let's hope everyone keeps up to the schedule :)


Maureen said...

Hey Jacqui
it's looking good!I see your blackwork lady ala "All that Jazz" is now owned by Karen South! :-)

Sharon said...

Stitching madly here.... :-))

Leeanne said...

I really like your fan. Can you pm or email me your postal address. I got something I think you'll like.