Monday, May 22, 2006

CQRR 1st block ready to move on.

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Here is fibrenut's block after i have worked on it. I added a feather stitch with french knots. The piece of the block which it borders onto (green) is quite narrow and I decided to keep the seam simple and restrained. As the first person to work on the block I didn't want to impose on other nearby blocks as it is difficult to imagine where other's might go with this block. With so much green in the block and with a swing purse in mind I thought it quite fitting to suggest a floral theme.

I am looking forward to the next block arriving :)

Belle left an encouraging comment about the postcards which included a reference to my talent *shock/blush* I thought I'd give a link to a lovely applique she did - designed and stitched for a block swap and that doesn't even begin to show the lovely postcards she made for the last pc swap. Photos of some of these can be found here. as well as the one I showed in yesturday's post.

Whilst I was off doing whatever it was I was doing when I wasn't blogging (not being mysterious, just don't know what I was doing instead) I did buy some books - no surprises there. I am having a loft conversion done and I think I need to turn the rooms into libraries not bedrooms! Anyway, here is one of the books I bought
isbn 0-87349-427-X. Instead of hosting a fibre craft show I will soon be able to do a guided tour of my bookcase! It is good to be sewing again :)

On to the postcard!

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