Sunday, May 21, 2006

Pondering on Postcards

I am nearly finished the seam treatment on the cqrr started earlier this week - photo tomorrow.

So now it is time to turn my attention to fibre postcard.

The 'how' is fine. SharonB at inaminuteago posted some links today and these lead to others. Maureen over at cqcrazy also posted some links (scroll down to find them)- I think that's where they are ?!

As I say the 'how' is fine, it's the 'what' that causes me a problem.

So having pondered and pondered and being no further forward I intend to just play with some fabric and see what happens.

I think one of the things that stumps me (as well as the 'what') is the idea that machine embroidery is 'better' for this project and I am not 'better' at it.

So what can I sew with my hands that will survive a trip around the world's postal services unprotected by envelope or wrapping?

Initially I thought needlefelting - especially after the wonderful card I received from Belle - good excuse for an image of that card

and I bought all the makings for a felted project - but I have yet to put needle to roving so, is this the right time? Maybe not, not yet!

Another 'off putting' factor is that in the last postcard swap - which I pulled out off as I had NO IDEAS - lots of the postcards had meanings ... too hard, can't think of anything meaningful!

The shy me wants to run away now and not try anything new and difficult where I might fail, *pout*.

Bossy, capable me says "don't be so silly. Stop procrastinating (sp?) and get it done!"

Who will win, shy or bossy?

Bossy! But what will I come up with? Watch this space...

There I have to go and make something now :)


belle said...

Jam, I remember when the pc idea was first floated, you wanted to do a line from a song - maybe go that way ??

There's lots of pc's on Postmark'd Art that are geometric shapes fused onto a colourful background,then when you're done, you can decide what it looks like, and give it a fancy name... no-one's going to argue with you lol

Go for it...with your talent, you'll outshine us all :)

Maureen said...

The first step....starting,
is the HARDEST!!
You're full of great ideas...why dont you blackwork some more of them for starters?

Di said...

Hi Jammie
Maureens idea of blackwork for a pc sounds great. I know one of the first ones I did was using a sahiko stitch and it looked quite effective. Just looking at your embroidery skills on cq and your blackwork - you'll have no problem!