Sunday, November 26, 2006

Finished Cobweb shawl


Here it is, rescued from being finished upside down :o)

The one thing I would do differently (as well as not doing it upside down) next time is to pick up more stitches for the icord edging as this was a little tight and means the neck edge is a little too short so that the shawl hangs longer at the back than at the front. I'll get DD to pose later for a 'wear it' shot. But all in all, an easy pattern to knit, my first go at kniting on a border went fine (once I did it on the correct edge *rolls eyes*) and the icord edging is very satisfying. For speed I tried to add a crocheted edge instead of the icord, but it looked pants, probably because the edge had been stretched by my knitting the wrong edging onto it and then frogging the mohair (argh!).

Apart from that, thank you Kerrie for prompting this project and I will do another one in a finer yarn at a later date.

Now I need to wrap it up to give to sis who will be here v soon, must go show the hoover to the carpet, either that, or make her stand in the street to drink her coffee :o)

Oh P.S. Check out the pre and post blogging photos, I think blocking is the new black, everything gets blocked from now on! :o) Especially taking into account the yarn is nearly all acrylic (about 10% mohair I think - now if I could find where I put the label) and the icord was too tight so it wouldn't stretch much.

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