Thursday, March 01, 2007


Finally something positive to blog about ;o) Finished the Victorian Lace Today, shawl from page 50.
And just to prove the miracle that is blocking again, it went from 14"x 43" to 19" x 59". I could have tugged a little more to get that last inch for the book dimensions, but it was late, I was tired, the wires were popping. Which reminds me, this was the first outing for the wires from Heirloom Knitting and they are fabby! Have to knit more lace so I can play with these again. Also, notice in the first photo they provide a way to suspend your lace to it's advantage on your living room wall :o)
Now I will not knit another stitch (hush dear reader, it will be alright) until I have done my sewing. Long overdue projects to be worked on and posted off to Aus - cq rr, beautiful underwater block to work on, and row by row for Belle. I have the patterns and fabric all picked out, the fabric is waiting and the applique is begun, just needed to finish the knitting. So no more excuses woman! Get your sewing butt in gear and SEW.
Confession time! You can't see the errors, right? So I will tell you.
I am nothing if not honest. :o)
There is one more point on the bottom row (as photographed above) than on the top.
How? I do not know!
I do not really care either, there, I've said it. And as I have also said many times before, near enough is good enough and this is near enough!
See, you would never have known if i hadn't have told you.
Also there a two places where I messed up on the extremely visible attaching the edge area, the faggot stitch (is it calledthat?), boy, they do show, but I hope a little light sewing may disguise them.
You would see these errors if you were here to look properly :o) They don't bother me much either I have to admit. Sorry to the perfectionists among us, sorry, i really am, but, I am human and I err, sometimes I err a lot, sometimes just a little. (And in the scheme of things -global warming, world peace, natural disasters etc.- knitting mistakes really aren't that terrible are they.) This one counts in the little pile, as I do not seek perfection.
I seek completion and ... I have it :o)


Queen Frogger said...

That is just gorgeous, I can't see any errors! The dark yarn is lovely but it must have been hard to knit with. Well done!

Kazza said...

It gorgeous!! Id be soooo proud of myself if Id knitted that!! Ive been hearing a lot about the Victorian Lace Today book, I think you've just convinced me to get a copy :)

Helen said...

It is stunning! Absolutely beautiful and so what if there are a couple of deviations from the pattern. No one will ever notice them and, as they say, nothing is perfect but God ;)

blog-blethers said...

Absolutely stunning!! And I am staggered by just how much of a difference blocking makes ...

Seahorse said...

It's fabulous!

I've never yet completed a lace project with no errors and I don't think it matters either. I'm sure I wouldn't have spotted anything on yours if even I could see it in person!

Lindsey said...

I think it's gorgeous, and I definitely would never notice those "mistakes". I think your attitude is exactly right, too--you finished a really big, beautiful project, that's what counts!

Badger said...

That is so beautiful, a truly stunning shawl. Well done! :)