Monday, August 27, 2007

Annette does Della!

And, boy, she does her good! Go see this. Isn't it amazing?
I am so very very chuffed at how wonderful Della looks. I was thinking that I would try a different border for my Della - when I have a little time to knit it *rolls eyes* but having seen Annette's I think I will knit it as written with, perhaps, the addition of a central motif. Annette's looks so good.

I generally do think lace looks best in solid or semi solid colours and that Della goes to prove it. Having said that I hope no one who chose a variegated yarn will be disappointed as the original Della looked lovely too, but Annette's modifications to the original are finishing touches which are the icing on the cake.

Talking of cakes, off to my little sister's wedding this weekend coming and I've been in town with the incredibly "I-don't-want-to be-here" four year old and the "impossible-to-choose-when-I-don't-know-what-I-am-looking-for" 14 year old. After 3 hours of tantrums (me too) we came away with the perfect, stunning outfit for the 14 yr old (well she's a size 10 everything looks good on her) and the hot/bothered/cantankerous "I don't want to go to a wedding" 4 year old.
I managed to find a skirt for £5 (DD1's frock was a LOT more than that) and a pair of trousers which don't fit properly (am I really an elephant, when did that happen?). So, sewing machine out tomorrow to make a waist on the trousers as there are no belt loops to oik (sp?) it up with and God only knows what shoes I'll wear with the skirt.
I don't do shoes! DD has already amassed a vast shoe collection and she's only liked them for 12 months whereas in my 42 years I have managed to buy one pair of Docs, two identical pairs of trainers and a pair of boots that cripple me and are never worn. Now, if I liked shoes a wedding would be the perfect excuse but as I don't (in fact I hate shopping for shoes, they never fit and they make my feet hurt) I shall probably convince myself that the black Converse that DD grew out of before they got much wear, will do fine and turn up in those. Well... it's a long skirt no one will notice. Or, if they do ... will I care?

The skirt is ankle length and a light turquoise, the trousers are black and my one good shirt is white so I'll look like a waitress if I wear that :o)

Just wondering if I could knock a Della up by next weekend?
No, probably not!
Oh well, I think the Queen of the Waves might get an outing then, or maybe the Forest Canopy. I do like purple, in case you hadn't noticed.
More about the holiday another time, it was great and the extra sleep mended my dizzies, for now. It's lovely to have 'Terra' back being 'firma'.

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