Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Where did that week go?

If proof were ever needed that small children interrupt blogging then that was the week that proved it :o) I can't believe it was last Friday that I put up the photos of Della.

Happily the knitting on the Goddess Knits Shawlalong has continued as young master shout-a-lot has been sleeping 10 hours a night. Unfortunately that is the 10 hours between 7.30pm and 5.30am! I had forgotten that there was a 5.30am! Anyway, the knitting continues and I am on row 56ish (no memory due to sleep deprivation) and whizzing along nicely. Contemplating changing to circs any day now. Not in any hurry to change as the dpns make it easy to keep track of the repeats and so far I haven't had to put in any stitch markers. Once I switch I will need them and with such fine yarn stitch markers are a bit of a pain. Not as great as the pain of frogging the blessed thing though so in they will go :o)

I received some lovely stitch markers as a gift with the yarn I bought from Middle Earth Yarns recently. The delicious DK Foamy Seas is for me :o) Ever since I gave the Shoalwater to my Auntie I have wanted to do another. I am not overly fond of triangular shawls so i am going to adapt the pattern and try to incorporate the shaping from the Queen of the Waves - not sure how that will work out, i can see how to add in repeats of the Old Shale pattern when knitting from the neck down but taking them out when knitting from the base up is a different latter. I think I may need a little space to ponder that one.

Meanwhile the yarn form Angel Yarns has arrived and the merino in cream will be gorgeous. Washable and soft and squishy, just right for babies, so I feel a traditionally inspired Shetland Baby Shawl is in order. I will work on the pattern whilst I am on holiday. I should also like to finish the baby shawl I started in the PY Helena a while ago. Since I had to frog back the border in order to get more yarn I have not made much progress in adding the border back on again *rolls eyes*, This is so nearly finished I really must get it done, it is beautiful yarn and will be a lovely heirloom project - once completed :o)

Off to be 'mummy' will add photos later.

Oh, nearly forgot to say, the HipKnits Yarn for my own version of Della has arrived and it is delicious. This cashmere is really nice to knit with and is so soft and warm to wear. Will photograph that too when C has a sleep.


Queen of the froggers said...

The weeks go so quickly at holiday time, don't they! Look forward to piccies.

Soo said...

Pics of the Goddess Mystery Stole pleeeeaaaase!!!! I'm really curious to know what it looks like.