Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I'm a member

Rowan Membership arrived this morning, yippee. Pin badge thingy... hmmm... where would I ever wear that? Guess if I went to a membership 'event/day thing. It pierced the other magazines/newsletter things in the package too. Blah! Not a well thought out inclusion Rowan. However very excited about this, unreasonably so. The Debbie Bliss club was such a disappointment last year. It closed not long after I joined - are they trying to tell me something? :o)

No mag though :o( guess that is coming separately as is the 'free' gift. Hope it arrives before I go away for a week. What knitting shall I take. Can't believe it but since frogging the Mystery shawl #4 I have nothing otn, nada, ziltch! OMG

I will be taking the 'project' Tess Dawson yarn and lots of books (knitting books, of course) to play with once little Miss 4 yrs is in bed, but an easy 'take anywhere' project would be good too, so I can knit whilst they play. Started my last pair of socks this time last year, maybe it's time for a new pair? After all I have plenty of sock yarn thanks to Dee's sock club. Or I could do my own Della, although not sure that's a 'knit anywhere' project. If I take the mystery shawl #4 I am unlikely to do much project so I think I will wind the Foamy Seas and abandon the idea of adapting the shoalwater for now and just do myself a straight version. I keep squeezing the Foamy Seas so it must be good, really looking forward to knitting with it. Ah what a dilemma! Such a hard life when your biggest concern is which of the many skeins to knit first and into what.

Reading this last night. I do love knitting, I do.


Twinkle Toes said...


Wonder if my Rowan membership will come too - think I joined about the same time as you!!

All excited now!!!

and get sock knitting - bound to be something in 25 favourite or vintage socks that takes your fancy :)

Queen of the froggers said...

I hope a project comes to mind soon.I have not joined the Rowan club yet. I am waiting until they have a free gift I like!!