Friday, October 19, 2007

A Good Day

I met up with Yarn Snob today to collect some gorgeousness from her dyepot. I was trying to take some photos this afternoon but the light was rubbish and these yarns are too good to photograph badly :o) so I have 'borrowed' Elaine's photos (but not her bandwidth) I hope you don't mind Elaine? First the gorgeous African Dusk Lace Weight 100gm 3.5 oz Approx 900yrds perfect for an autumnal project I have in mind.
Next is Grandeur Lace Weight 100gm 3.5 oz Approx 900yrds a stunning purple yarn which is just as lovely in real life as on the screen. Both are very lovely to touch as well as to look at. I am really looking forward to knitting with these.
The wonderful yarn was matched by charming company, how wonderful to spend 2 hours talking nothing but knitting :o) really just what I needed after a hard emotional week with lots of annoying issues around our adoption application coming to the surface. Maybe more on that another time, but today has been a very good antidote to bureaucratic incompetence as knitters are such lovely company.
As well as picking up my purchases we also brought our projects to show and tell. It's great to have the internet to forge our connections with other knitters but it is also great to meet the people behind the blog and see those blogged projects in person. The Hanami Stole Elaine knitted is gorgeous and much pinker than I imagined :o) We have both recently completed Hemlocks so they were introduced to each other, Elaine has now completed two! I was able to see how much I need to improve my photographs so that readers can see the true beauty of the yarns I use. I also had the opportunity to see the beautiful Sea and Shell Stole. Ah, good conversation and good company (and a lovely lunch, thank you Elaine). Now, get those projects blocked! VBG

A week off blogging gives me lots of sites to comment on and over at Annette's there is a link to Skein Queen. In the interests of research (you understand) I had to go look - you go look too - Ooooo, I feel a squishy testing may be required to confirm my initial reaction :o) Isn't it yummy that handpainted yarn comes in so many distinctive 'flavours'? So many lovely places to shop with different goodies on offer at each.
I had a large PY delivery this morning too - sorry that Sophia Sceptre from last week is mine, all mine, Mwahaha! Elaine and I agree that Dee's formula of listing at a set time is addictive and compelling - you know where to find us at 6pm on a Sunday :o) I also bagged the Cecilia Claret and some Laura Rapunzel, oh, and Elaine can identify PY yarn type by sight :o)
And finally, I have some more laceweight to look forward to from Cazza at Middle Earth Yarn with Ring Wraith heading my way along with these cuties - well, it is nearly Halloween :o)
Hope everyone has a happy and peaceful weekend, I feel much better about life the universe and everything today than I did yesterday, hope you do too. And I am probably getting a newborn bub to care for any day now so I'll be knitting my free time in preparation for having my hands full in a week or so and for the foreseeable time. Off to finish my Shoalwater :o)

ETA Forgot to say, Elaine's swatch with the naughty yarn is wonderful and she's doing a really interesting scarf with the very soft Malabrigio which is very pretty and I may just copy it :P


YarnSnob said...

I am SO glad we finally met, it was a wonderful day and really fun. We should do it more often :)
.....and please leave some purple yarns on PY for me hahahaah

Queen of the froggers said...

You sound like you had a great time, I am glad as the adoption stuff sounds rather stressful. Lovely yarns you have pictured too!