Tuesday, October 30, 2007


No new projects will be cast on in November *shock* Initially I said NO new projects apart from Christmas presents but that allows a lot of wriggle room so I am going to be strict!

So here's the beginning of a round up of Works In Progress (WIP) which I will be finishing off during NOvember.

Firstly the next project for the HipKnits Project Club is due out on November 1st and although Kerrie didn't need a test knit for these I have begun the first of the pair of socks to better be able to help out any new sockers of the blog. So far so good. It has been useful too as I have a few ideas that I hope will help knitters who are tackling their first socks with this pattern, and the yarn is lovely. It's not a colour I would have chosen but I am enjoying knitting it and using the chart, etc. but I mustn't give too much away before the launch date :o) so here is a picture of the sole of the sock to show off the yarn without letting you see the pattern (me? Tease?)

Next another pair of socks that I am making for my Support Worker who has been an absolute treasure whilst we have been going through the adoption process for little Miss 4 years. Her belief in us as the right parents for this child and her empathy with our feelings of powerlessness has been one of the few good points of the last year and 10 months since we initially said we wanted to be considered as little one's 'forever family'. So, the least I can do is knit er some socks! The yarn is PY Lucia from the sock club, please don't ask me what colour :o) and the pattern is from the summer interweave knits and is my first go at a toe up sock. I prefer toe up as I have no anxiety about running out of yarn. Just weigh the ball and cast off when I've used half. Simple. This is another great yarn to work with from Dee, soft and squoshy and beautiful colours, just my palette and SW's too I hope.

Finally I have found a pattern for the bootees in Debbie Bliss' Simply Baby book which I picked up for £4 in a remainder store. I also got a couple of other pattern books, well, they were a bargain so I couldn't leave them behind, could I? So although I haven't actually cast on for these yet (I need the Project Club sock's dpns) I am including it in WIPs as I have already done the hat they will go with (see? Wriggle, wriggle). Whilst talking DB I usually like the way she calls her yarns what they are, e.g. Silk DK, cashmerino Aran, etc. But this pattern calls for Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino so I am hoping (from the tension 27 sts & 36 rows to 10cm) that it's 4 ply because that's what I am using :P

As I type this the postman arrives with the kit for Tulip from Socktopus - am I doomed to failure in NOvember? VBG

I unpacked the Tulip Kit and I need more of this yarn, it is superb! Hmmmm! Yummmmmm! I originally saw the cardi on Yarn Harlot's blog and then Kerrie mentioned getting the pattern and it's so nice to see something on an overseas blog available here too. I wouldn't buy all those yarns individually but as they came in a kit, well I couldn't resist. I doubt that baby will be here long enough to grow into size 6 - 9 months (but you never know the ways of Social Services grind exceedingly slow) so I wonder if I can do it smaller? Or should I play safe and stick to the kit size? Hmmm! *ponders ability to resize project* I haven't taken the yarn out of the bag yet and I am already in love, it looks gorgeous and soft. I'll give it a cheek test and let you know.

A nice little surprise with my first Socktopus order was the addition of some sachets of fabric conditioner and a little luxury chocolate. Way to a girl's heart, or what! They know me so well, already VBG. So if I can't resist casting this one on I need to do it before NOvember so that only leaves me 2 days to get cracking :o)

Tomorrow WIP (not new ones *rolls eyes*) and btw my kids don't like posh chocolate - I have them well trained, this is gown up choc! Almost too pretty to eat? Almost!


Dee said...

I believe that colourway is Very Berry, from last December....

Dee said...

Oh! Someone sent me some of that chocolate on Monday (mine was the lavender flavour). Isn't that packaging gorgeous??

Queen of the froggers said...

The soctopus parcels are lovely aren'they! Tulip will be a great knit with all those lovely colours.