Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Dee had (another) good idea :o)

Favourite yarn
Have you seen my stash? It has to be Posh but which one? Er, Sophia 2 ply, no, Helena, no, Emily! No. Can I fudge it and have them all?

Favourite needles
KnitPicks Options, I always have the right needle, at first it was a little odd to knit lace on such slippery needles but I adjusted and now other needles seem very grippy. I also like the Addi Lace needles but haven't quite got them in all sizes yet so go back to the Options when necessary.

Favourite new pattern
Irtfa’a Faroese Lace Shawl, by Anne Hanson at Knitspot. This will be done in 2008, promise, as soon as I finish that Fair Isle cardi. I have ordered the same yarn as the model one is knitted in. But I am not confined to admiring lace in black as in 2008 I also want to do my first Neibling and that princes shawl. I guess it's safe to say the lace obsession passion continues.

Favourite project
Has to be the Spring Things like forest canopy it is a well written, easy to follow pattern and my joy in seeing it develop was added to by feeling that the variegated yarn didn't overpower the design and by the wonderful reception it received when I gave it to my best friend.

Favourite knitting blog
Dee for her regular posts (it's good to be able to rely on things and Dee is one of the things I rely on) and thoughtful discussion of all things knitting, and for an insight into a world of reading that I do not belong to, Soo for her inspiration to try difficult things, Annette for helping me not to be the only one who falls over too often (or feels like I might), it is a good thing not to be alone :o) I do hope you are well enough to blog again soon. Yarn Harlot, for leading me into temptation :o) Angel Yarns Forum for sharing and encouraging and enabling my passion for all things knitting. Oh dear, was I only supposed to choose one? And I could go on and on and on ... Ravelry? Still learning how to use it, haven't quite decided if it's a tool or a time suck.

Favourite new technique
Magic cast on for toe up socks Finally I get the 'sock thing' and I want to do more now i don't have to worry about running out of yarn :o)

Favourite knitting website
erm ... all of them? No wonder I have no time to knit!

Favourite knitting book
Victorian Lace Today & Heirloom Knitting the first for making me want to knit every pattern in it and for being beautiful and the second for making me want to design and for making me believe I could. But it's a hard choice as I have a book thing going on along side my yarn thing. Hmmm, maybe I should prune the books too. The only book I haven't been grabbed by is the new Cat Bordhi one, can't get my head round that one, need to spend some time learning how to read her work as the results look really good but the style is a barrier for me and I may decide I haven't the necessary capacity. It is such a shame that something she does to make it easier for new knitters makes it harder for me. *sigh* But I can't leave the subject of books without a special mention of everything Elizerbeth Zimmermann, all great books - if you were only going to only get one Knitting Around is a goody. Taught me it's ok to have a sense of humour about it all, and she's very clever and can do things i would never think of.

Favourite knitting spot
Anywhere where there's just me a very hot coffee and chocolate cake, er too much food in there? Actually, I have to confess to liking to knit in public, I take socks to fostering support group meetings, partly for the reaction :o)

Favourite knitting partner
Yarn Snob a virtual friend, and an occasional lunch partner (let's do that again in 2008?) :o) But a favourite because she trusted me when she didn't know me and introduced me to the great world of KnitPicks before Get Knitted started selling their stuff here and when they wouldn't export to the UK. All knitting people are such lovely people.

That was fun but choosing is hard, and I didn't really choose just one did I?

And what did I get? Er. well... 2 of poppy and 3 of holly, still got too much stash :o) but no extra purple, yet. VBG

Done some knitting but it's under wraps until i hear it's arrived and been unwrapped so can't show you :o( maybe next time?


Soo said...

Eeeee - gosh - thanks! :)

YarnSnob said...

eeekkk, me your fav knitting partner, gee, thank you. When you use your knit picks, you'll always think of me :)

Yes...lets do coffee/lunch again SOON!!! What fun!