Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Secret Knitting isn't just for Christmas

Jo organised the mitt swap :o) but her mitts never arrived :o( so I thought I would do something about that :o) and I made her these. The pattern is from Anne's shop and she blogs about them here

I knit them in Debbie Bliss Cashmerino DK and they knit up in a flash and the yarn is lush! I like them so much I see some for me in my future. 1 ball DB Cashmerino DK, 3.75 dpn.

I liked the pattern so much I decided to make a neck warmer in the same stitch and I started with something like this in mind. As I got nearer to that idea, I remembered EZ's Dickies and I decided to add the extension at the base of the neck to keep those drafts out.
I really don't like being cold, you know, and it gets nippy up here :o) DH calls me 'Jacqui Two Coats'! Well now I am Two Coats and a Neck Warmer!

8mm KnitPicks Options, 1 skein of PY Helena Foxglove - colour really like this

lovely aran weight squooshyness. I made it too long so I can either wear it doubled over (for extra warmth) or scrunch it up (for extra warmth) - I like extra warmth. Pattern a combination of Anne's waffle rib and EZ's Dickey (neck warmer) from Knitting Around page 39.

In aran weight I cast on 76 stitches and knit 5 inches of 2 x 2 rib in waffle pattern, cast off 18 stitches at back (or place them on waste yarn) continue in pattern decreasing 1 stitch at each side on each right side row, slipping all first stitches, until 26 stitches remain. Pick up one stitch for each slipped stitch on sides and 18 stitches along the back. Continue in rounds of 2 x 2 rib. Increase half as many stitches again across the back to help the edge fan out and work a short row across the back to help it lie higher at the back. After an inch do that increase round again. Continue until you run out of yarn, cast off using a very big needle so it's nice and loose and stretchy. Wear it and keep warm.

Now to go cast on my mitts :o)


Michaela said...

'Squooshyness' is quite the best word I have ever heard!

Queen of the froggers said...

Aren't they great mitts! Might have to make some of those. Have a great christmas!

anne said...

wow your mitts look great!

YarnSnob said...

love your mitts and I am a big fan of neckwarmers but hate the cold too.
have a great Christmas and New year sweetie :) we must do coffee time again