Sunday, December 02, 2007

When is enough really enough?

Now! OK I have too much stash, there I've said it!

What brought this realisation home yesterday, was looking for some green yarn. Hi Jo *waves* Jo organised a mitt swap I was in on the AY forum. Sadly, for a reason as yet unknown, Jo's own swap mitts never arrived :o( But as I think it's a good idea having a swap angel who will step in when this happens (and sadly it often does) I have volunteered to knit Jo a pair of mitts. It's ok she knows they will be green... all other details remain a secret and will continue to do so ... shhh!

Anyway, as I said I was looking for green yarn. I found some, well, I found several somes. And I also found lots and lots and lots more. Since baby arrived knitting productivity has slowed somewhat (understatement, ha!) so stash usage has dwindled. I am frightened by the amount of stash I have, and annoyed when DH points out it is flammable *shock* at this stage I think he is just thinking of the fire risk not planning to torch it! *shock* But the comment did lead me to pondering which skeins I would save in an emergency,

Forget the kids, save the stash!

Oh dear! I think it's time to have a sale - happily not a fire sale! Not yet anyway!

So my task for the new year, should I choose to accept it, is to sell surplus stash.

There will be no PY in this sale (I couldn't, I just couldn't, don't ask me to, I couldn't) but Ambermoggie is destashing PY for a very good cause, so go support her by adding to your stash :o)

And the yarn I have just bought wont be in it either, that's the fault of Anne and her beautiful designs.

In another blog related development I have decided I also need to blog and surf less, and knit more :o( If time is limited I can't justify using it for surfing when there's knitting to be done. A dilemma here, without the surfing I risk loosing the 'community' of knitters who have made my return to knitting such a pleasure, risk missing the buzz that led me to Hemlock, socks and other group enthusiasms. But I have enough patterns to last even more lifetimes than the stash will last, and I don't like the competition for my time between internet knitting and real knitting when the time allows. So less really is more; less blogging and more knitting, hopefully.

Finally, I aim to blog once a week for a while to see how it goes. The light is against me anyway as I had a lovely photo planned of the baby knits that I have finished recently, bootees to go with the mitts and hat, but the conditions are pants, as my teens would say, so I'll save that for another day.

For now, then, I'll miss you (sob) but I'll hopefully have more to show you and DH wont be tempted to set light to my stash.

BTW yarn for sale will be offered on the forums so see you there :o) and I'll be here to blog all the lovely knitterly stuff next Sunday. Well, it's a plan of sorts? Hugs

I wonder if I can stick to it?


Queen of the froggers said...

It is hard finding time for anything at this time of year, let alone blogging! Keep on knitting though!

Fran said...

How much stash is too much? Have I got too much too? How would I know....? Worried of Buckinghamshire